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We were founded in 2007 under Grace Harvest & Associates and have developed many unique health and beauty products under brand name Lindo, Rollerbrite, ecopro, SwirlyDo, fraiche, Mercer Studio etc.. Our goal is to provide customers with uniquely designed and packaged products using high quality and environmentally friendly materials and practices. 

Lindo Products has been featured in many major magazines, such as Vogue, Glamour, Allure, and the Ladies Home Journal. We have also received coverage on TV and radio shows in North America and in Europe.

We strive to be an industry innovator and leader in the newest self care trends! 

Brands: Lindo Twist-n-Roll facial hair remover, SwirlyDo hair ties, make up brushes & brush cleaner, facial tools & body massagers, hair brushes, etc.. Spa accessories. Ecopro wood and bamboo personal care.


  • Lindo SPA Collection
    Our Spa - Refresh & Revive collection is centered around revitalization of your face and body. Pamper yourself with spa-like treatment anytime at any place. Our focus was aimed towards minimal effort with maximum results to recharge....

  • (1) Facial Roller, Guasha, Eye Mask, and Eye patches:

    Made with 100% premium crystal stone such as Jade, Rose Quartz, Opal, etc. The natural cooling effect of the Crystal stone helps with puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles. Massaging with our facial tools helps promote lymphatic drainage and eliminates toxins. Temporarily improves blood circulation, brightens skin tone, and promotes elasticity of skin. Due to the natural formations of the stones, each roller and/or guasha will be unique in size and color.

    (2) Facial wash tool and Bamboo Cotton Pads

    The Face Cleansing Brush is the perfect 2-in-1 cleanser to help fight pore blockage and uneven skin tone. One side features lush microfine bristles for a deep and thorough cleanse, while the other side features soft silicone bristles for gentle exfoliation. Also comes with either travel size or products with biodegradable handle made of natural straw fiber. Bamboo Cotton Facial Pads are the perfect zero waste alternative to disposable one time use cotton rounds. the cotton facial pads can be reused and wash up to 1,000 times. Includes a Mesh bag for storage purpose. 

    (3) Body Guasha and Dry Wood Brush:

    The Body Guasha is made of resin with smooth curvy design, it is perfect to be used for sculpting massage on your body. This tool will temporarily help with releasing muscular tension of the upper arms, back, hamstrings, thighs, and more. Our Dry Wood Body Brush made with wood and other natural materials. Comes with different shape and sizes. Wood Brush enables gentle skin exfoliation and improved blood circulation through wet or dry body brushing. Regular brushing can help to promote overall softer skin by encouraging collagen production and remove the appearance of cellulite. For an even greater therapeutic experience, pair the massager with your favorite essential oils. 

    (4) Hair and Scalp accessories:

    • Shampoo & Scalp Brush, Jade Scalp Guasha, Head Massager: Massager tool designed to deep cleanse the scalp, remove dead flaky skin and residue while providing a relaxing scalp massage. Also helps with scalp and muscular tension and support a healthy scalp. Massaging regularly with the Scalp Guasha promotes scalp health and hair growth. 
    • Biodegradable Hair Brush: Made of environmentally conscious materials. Minimize pain and protect against hair tangling, split ends, and breakage while helping reduce carbon emissions. Features flexible ball tipped bristles that easily glides through tangled hair to give your hair a healthy and smooth appearance.
    • SwirlyDo Headband: The SwirlyDo Head Band's waterproof and lightweight design keeps hair in place without the tugging and puling of traditional head bands. Our proven “phone cord” design ensures that your hair is left perfectly intact, without hair breakage or tangling when you remove them!  

    (5) Pedicure tool and Foot File

    The bamboo pedicure tool is a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to plastic tools. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo and bristles. This 4 in 1 tool has a brush, pumice, foot file and emery board for your spa days. Also our Double Sided Foot File uses a gentle diamond texture that has fine cells to safely remove excess calluses and keep feet feeling smooth and soft. This product included a removable mini file allows for ease of filing in difficult to reach areas of the feet. 

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