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ZACROS is a flexible packaging manufacturer focusing on sustainability with specialties in liquid packaging. We manufacturer various liquid packaging from small cosmetics refill pouch to 20L CUBITAINER®. ZACROS added the newest monomaterial flexible pouches to monomaterial packaging series, MONOSOLUTIONS™ to provide a wide range of liquid packaging options for more comprehensive applications. Zacros has been manufacturing refill pouches for over 25 years. With our extensive knowledge and experience in liquid, Zacros helps customers to find the right packaging.

 Press Releases

  • ZACROS, a leading flexible packaging manufacturer, has introduced a monomaterial flexible packaging series called MONOSOLUTIONS™. The MONOSOLUTIONS™ series product line includes sachet, Flowpack PL, spout pouch (Flowpack SP), and CUBITAINER®. The Flowpack PL and spout pouch are the newest additions to this series. The expansion of the monomaterial products line will support the growing demand for recyclable liquid flexible packaging.

    MONOSOLUTIONS ™ is a ZACROS original brand name for monomaterial flexible packaging. One of the products, CUBITAINER®, has been in the market for over 60 years, serving bulk liquid applications. ZACROS added the newest monomaterial stand-up pouches, including Flowpack PL and spout pouch, to the MONOSOLUTIONS™ series to provide a wide range of monomaterial product options for more comprehensive applications. P&G Japan launched their first recycle refill pouch, ECOPOUCH, for their Pantene Effortless collection with ZACROS’s newest MONOSOLUTIONS™ Flowpack PL in September 2021.

    Benefits of MONOSOLUTIONS™

    First and foremost, MONOSOLUTIONS™ optimizes recyclability. Easily recyclable flexible packaging is vital for circulating used plastic as resources without turning them into waste. In addition to recyclability, MONOSOLUTIONS™ is flexible packaging. Flexible packaging reduces overall carbon footprint throughout the packaging lifecycle.

    “Developing monomaterial liquid stand-up pouch has been challenging because of its technical and performance limitations. However, we were able to achieve the necessary durability and barrier properties with our unique converting technique. The P&G ECOPOUCH is only 350ml, but we have already extended the development of monomaterial pouch size up to 1.3L,” said John Patterson, Business Development Manager at Zacros America. “ZACROS will continue developing more MONOSOLUTIONS™ products with our customers offering various sustainable liquid packaging products for any level of sustainability needs.”

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  • MONOSOLUTIONS™ Monomaterial Packaging Series
    MONOSOLUTIONS™ is a comprehensive flexible liquid packaging series from small refill pouch to 20L bulk liquid container, CUBITAINER®....

  • ZACROS offers various monomaterial liquid packaging to support the growing recycle-ready packaging. The MONOSOLUTIONS™ series covers all types of liquid packaging. With our extensive knowledge and experience with liquid packaging, ZACROS is continuously developing innovative solutions.

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