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OMM Collection was created to meet the demand for a holistic, natural approach to Farm-to-Beauty concept. Our all-natural clean Spa & Hair products draw on ancient health and beauty traditions mixed with modern techniques and are made with purity and elegance in mind.

Our Unique hair formulas stimulate natural hair thickening repairs and nourishes at the follicle and cellular. The combination of revolutionary Swiss Green Apple Stem Cell Levels & Clover Extract combined with other exotic oils deliver the utmost hair growth revitalization, anti-aging effects, and protection for hair. OMM Hair is over 90% natural.

The OMM Spa ingredients are therapeutic, repairing & nourishing blended with mixtures of all-natural oils, Mango, Shea & Cacao butters, and extracts.

Our ultra- moisturizing, hydrating which blends purify and brighten skin while delivering softness, radiance & glow. OMM spa is over 95% natural.

Our signature natural fragrances are custom created with scents of White Tea Jasmin & Dark Chocolate.

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Brands: OMM Collection Natural Luxury Hair & Spa Line - a holistic "Farm to Beauty" concept. A healthy lifestyle regimen, a wellness program for glamorous hair & body.

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                 OMM Collection is featuring our luxury spa line’s bath salts and scrubs. These bestsellers will help relax, soothe, and hydrate skin. Floral Soaking Bath Salts contains pink Himalayan, dead sea salts, rose & jasmine petals; Emulsified Sugar Scrub contains camellia sinensis, sweet almond, coconut oils, vanilla bean and cranberry seeds, and the Oatmeal Salt Scrub & Soak contains Epsom salt, oatmeal with oat oil and oat exact.

    Inspired by ancient traditional Mediterranean and Asian ingredients and rituals, our pink Himalayan salt and dead sea salt are rich in mineral content to help balance your chakras and reveal calmer & fresher-looking skin. Epsom salt helps soothe aching muscles, soften the skin, and energize the body. Naturally derived oils leave the skin glowing, soft, smooth and supple to the touch. Our all-natural spa products are proudly “Made in USA”.

    Floral Soaking Bath Salts

    Contains rich Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts that stimulate circulation, clean pores, detox, and nourish skin. These salts renowned for their therapeutic effects, combined with pure essentials oils, jasmine & rose petals provide a memorable bathing experience.


    Emulsified Sugar Scrub

    A nourishing and moisturizing exfoliating sugar scrub featuring natural oils. Sweet almond, camellia sinensis, coconut, and emulsified sugar cane crystals help stimulate skin regeneration, act as anti-aging, and brighten the skin. Buff away dry skin cells, to promote skin’s renewal process, and leave behind an unforgettable scent & glow.

    Choice of fragrance: Swiss Chocolate, French Pear



    Oatmeal Salt Scrub & Soak

    This Oatmeal Honey Salt Scrub & Soak is blended with ground oats and Epsom salt. Gently scrub away dead skin cells and help balance, detox and clam skin. This scrub and soak will relieve stress and relax the body. Filled with vitamin A, E and D, it will deeply moisturize the skin and leave it feeling silky.



  • OMM Thickening Hair Mask
    OMM Thickening Hair Mask is the creme-de-la-creme, super rich hair mask. This exclusively engineered treatment uses green apple stem cell extract and oils that are clean, safe and yet potent enough to deliver fuller, smoother hair for the whole family....

  •              OMM Thickening Hair Mask is a super rich, deep conditioning, and reparative leave-in treatment. Formulated with Green Apple Stem Cell Extract and oils to rejuvenate and restore vitality to your hair. Our nourishing blend will smooth out each hair follicle to repair and leave it soft & irresistible to the touch.

                 These are the key ingredients that make this mask unique. Capixyl is a blend that helps to protect the scalp, strengthen and thicken hair while supporting natural growth. Green Apple Stem Cell Extract is a potent antioxidant that increases vitality, repairs damage, and promotes regeneration. 
    Marula Oil nourishes hair from root to tip without the greasy feel. Marula oil's hydrating, moisturizing and occlusive properties repair damaged, dry, frizzy or brittle hair. It contains Oleic acid, protein, Vitamin B Complex, vitamin C and E, and phosphorous, calcium, and iron.
    Amla oil is rich in vitamins that strengthen the scalp and hair, reduce premature pigment loss/greying, prevents dandruff and dry scalp and reduces hair loss.

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  • OMM Collection Sugar Scrub and Whipped Body Butter

  • OMM Facial Masks by OMM Collection

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