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Tara is a young self-care brand with a strong presence in the GCC. We have developed a small range of unique foundational formulas from our proprietary lab in Barcelona. 
With new products soon to come, we have just launched in the US.
We are looking for distributors and retail partnerships.

Tara is a community before a company, a close-knit team of creatives and scientists, working together from conception of a product, to delivery. We are an international team embracing uniqueness based on the cultures we represent. The plurality of origins and the singularity of each one, are at the heart of the business, at the core of our brand DNA and at the start of every formula.

Brand positioning
Tara is on a mission to inspire all women to take the time to find comfort and confidence in their personal self-care journey. The products we craft are safe, proven to work, and simple to use. Formulated, manufactured, and bottled in Barcelona.

Our ingredients
We believe in transparency and safety. Our ingredients are traceable, containing no sulfates, parabens, or mineral oils, and are cruelty-free.

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  • Another self-care brand launching in the US?

    Yes and no.

    Nawaf Arhamah grew up in Kuwait, close to his mother and sisters. The girls had a dream: to open a beauty salon. In 2013, he decided to help them but as they ordered and tried products to fill the shelves they found themselves unhappy with a lot of them. Some formulas didn’t work, others were even harmful. A curious and entrepreneurial mind, he set out to create his own beauty brand, but as his conviction was that it should be creatively inspired, multicultural, and led by women, he ignored the rules and built his team around a different and novel idea. 


    Moved by the Mediterranean, the culture, the nature, its people and the way of life, he decided to build his own lab from the ground up, in Barcelona. He hired chemists and a team of creative minds to work alongside them. In 2016, Tara was born. An international self-care brand women can love and embrace because it tells them they’re enough the way they are, because it helps them see there is beauty in growing and changing without artifice.

    What makes Tara different is that we are community over company, team over brand. We’re a tight-knit team of creatives and scientists who work together to make dream formulas come true. Being international and diverse we welcome uniqueness based on culture and as dictated by each of the cultures we represent. The plurality of our origins and the singularity of each one, are at the heart of our business, at the core of our brand DNA and at the start of every formula. 

    We explore and question everything to only keep the best. Our self-care rituals embrace our blended heritage, our formulas are inspired, proven to work and safe to use, all life long. We pay homage to where the ingredients are from and we pay respect to the beauty traditions that surround them. We reclaim these traditions to make them better with science, in our Barcelona lab.

    Swimming against the tide in today’s fast-paced world, we want to inspire all women to take the time to find comfort and confidence in their personal self-care journey. This sense of harmony is where we turn to when it comes to every formula. Our in-house lab in Barcelona takes advantage of its Mediterranean location, of the local culture and beliefs, the energy, vibrancy – and the focus on nature. As a small and agile team, we have the capacity to formulate with agility, innovate with freedom.

    It is in this spirit that Paola and Regina, our chemists, take the good life, and translate it into our formulas. 


    To target modern day skin and hair concerns, we follow a process of sourcing ingredients, formulating, testing and testing yet again (and again…). It takes one to two years in development until we’re happy we’ve got something down to the molecule. By listening to the voices that compel our formulas to exist, we’re propelled by in-house scientific research and evidence. That’s why our products are safe to use and proven to work. That’s why they’re never simply repackaged mass productions, but always powered by underlying our real, natural beauty. 


    We want Tara to be a woman’s life-long partner, with products that are good for you, for good. 


    This concept is also Mediterranean; for the Mediterranean woman lives, grows, embraces change, and ages with grace. This is the counter narrative that is powerful in the end. 


    And so, moved by the Med, we hope to inspire more women to celebrate their natural beauty, feel at peace with the way they look and take care of themselves the natural way. 


  • Radiance Vitamin C Complex
    Powered by berry extracts our innovative serum combines 4 types of AA with HA, ferulic acid and vitamin E. Formulated with glutathione and gold particles it prevents break-outs, reduces hyperpigmentation, and protects against free-radical damage....

  • What makes our Radiance Vitamin C Complex an anti-oxidative powerhouse is that it combines four types of skin-friendly vitamin C with vitamin E. Formulated with Golden Vitamin C (a stabilized form of ascorbic acid bound to microparticles of gold to maximize potency and absorption), our innovative serum penetrates the skin faster. It also blends in hyaluronic and ferulic acids to help boost the level of antioxidant protection and make the formula more stable.

    Together, this serum brightens skin tone, reduces hyperpigmentation, and protects against free-radical damage. Packaged in a tinted bottle, our vitamin C serum can remain stable for up to 2 years at room temperature and be efficient long after it’s been opened.

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