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Welcome to Qweeni Cap - The worlds only shower cap for partial hair washing.  www.qweenicap.com

The revolutionary new Qweeni Cap allows:

  • Spot wash your hair using this patented shower cap to wash only a portion of your hair!  Use on the mane and pony tail/extensions and keep the rest of the hair dry!
  • Simply pull through the hair you want to wash and the rest will remain completely dry.
  • Time-saver, use the product for your "in between" hair wash days.  Keep the wet part wet and the dry part dry.
  • Keep the flap closed and use as regular shower cap.  No need for dry shampoo which leaves hair dehydrated and sticky.
  • Perfect product addon for a salon store.  Help your customers in their daily hair routine.

Brands: Qweeni Cap shower cap & hair accessories.

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  • Boca Raton, Florida - Finally, there’s a solution for women who want to avoid the hassle of washing and drying all their hair when they’re in a hurry. Qweeni Cap founder, Brian Paternostro of EZ Clean Products LLC, has invented a unique, beauty-boosting, patented shower cap.

    “Qweeni cap was inspired by women who complained about all the time they wasted washing and styling their hair when they were in a hurry. I was determined to find a way they could wash just a portion of their hair, like the bangs or a ponytail, and keep the rest of their hair dry,” says Paternostro, who first experimented by cutting holes in regular shower caps and adding closures.

    The average time a woman spends washing, drying, and styling her hair in the shower is four hours per week. Until Qweeni Cap, some busy women in a pinch might opt for a dry shampoo product, but this can often lead to hair breakage, clogged hair follicles, and a dry, itchy scalp that only masks dirty hair. Others might wrap parts of their heads in towels and plastic bags and lean over the kitchen sink.

    Now, women can finally relax in the shower as they only wash the part of their hair that needs it, rather than their whole head. Busy moms and professionals all agree that this product is a winner.

    Available for $34.95 in three cute styles, Qweeni Cap is made from modern, high-tech, woven 100% waterproof fabric. Order online at Qweenicap.com. The cap is machine washable, resistant to mold and mildew, dries fast, and wicks moisture away from the hair quickly and efficiently.

    “Qweeni Cap can be purchased direct-to-consumer, with accessories available as well. Eventually, it will be available in retail stores,” says Paternostro.

    About Qweeni Cap

    Qweeni Cap is the patented shower cap engineered with an adjustable snap opening. Users can feel like a Queen as they pull as much dirty or oily hair through the opening as they wish and wash it all the way down to the scalp. The unique partition inside the cap keeps the wet side wet and the dry side dry. Visit qweeniecap.com or email info@qweenicap.com to sign up for offers.

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  • Qweeni Cap
    The only shower cap with a hair flap! Wash the hair you want and keep the rest dry. Perfect for hair extensions and eliminates the need for dry shampoo!...

  • Now there’s the Qweeni Cap!  The only shower cap that allows you to wash as much or as little of your hair as you need while keeping the rest of your hair dry, making your daily styling quick and easy!!   Save time by getting out of the bathroom sooner and save money by using less of your hair care product on your daily hair routine by having the option of washing as much or as little of your hair as you want while keeping the rest completely dry!

    Utilizing a patented opening process and inner cap seal that allows a user to pull though and only wash the part of their hair they want, while keeping all the rest of the hair completely dry.  The inner cap partition keeps the hair you want washed down to the scalp wet and the hair you want to keep dry, dry! 

    After washing only the dirty part of your hair, simply pull off the cap when you are out of the shower to dry and style only that part of the hair you just washed with the dry portions.

    Think, no more dry shampoos that leave your hair white and dried out.  The quick ability to wash your hair extension.  No more hanging over the sink. Just wash what you want, when you want in your normal shower routine!  For the days just out of the salon, use the cap with the opening closed as you would a normal shower cap, but when they stylish hair they you just spent hundreds of dollars on starts to get dirty and oily on that part of your hair you dread, open the flap and pull through the hair you want to wash. You are then ready to go and feel clean like a Queen with the Qweeni Cap!

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