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We aim to make effective products with good raw materials.

Pobam is a brand that started out of a personal desire to restore damaged skin during flight attendant days. To make simple and professional home skincare, developing effective home aesthetic treatment. Emphasize the ‘authenticity’ by striving for sustainable beauty, such as the use of natural materials.

Moonlight skincare routine products consists of toner pad-moisture booster-serum-cream, and all basic cosmetics using seawater and EWG green ingredients, excluding chemical ingredients, have been tested for skin hypoallergenicity. Our products can be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and are cosmeceutical products that are highly preferred by existing customers as they solves troubles and lack of moisture, which are the main skin concerns of customers.

Brands: Pobam is a brand that revives the skin's immune system allowing you to experience a beauty that lasts. not just joy for a fleeting moment. We solve the fundamental problem.

 Press Releases

  • "Does your skin appear greasy on the outside, but is dry and irritating on the inside?" 

    "Does it appear that applying an elasticity-boosting cream has no effect?" 

    "Does it feel like your skin rejects everything, no matter how hard you try?" 

    “Did you know that moisture is the culprit behind all these skin problems?” 


    When our skin is dehydrated, it dries out and begins to age. As skin ages, it loses its ability to bind collagen and water on its own, resulting in wrinkled skin that loses elasticity and density over time. Furthermore, in order to restore the broken oil-water balance, the skin produces oil, which can quickly become oily or cause acne. 

    Many people are unaware of the connection between moisture and elasticity. They believe they are deficient in oil, so they seek out richer nourishing creams. However, insufficient hydration, rather than oil, maybe the cause of skin elasticity loss. 

    POBAM has been researching since early on that many problems can be solved naturally by balancing the oil-water level of the skin. We have worked hard to create cosmetics that provide perfect moisture elasticity by delivering moisture deep into the skin rather than temporarily relieving tightness. 

    Moisture-rich skin absorbs skincare products faster and much more consistently. POBAM Booster replenishes up to 30% of skin moisture, allowing skin care products to fully penetrate. Without the use of an oily cream, it creates a skin condition that is not tight or dry throughout the day. 

    "Do you want moist skin that absorbs everything you put on it, skin that is meticulously moist, skin that does not produce excess oil and holds makeup well?" 

    POBAM, which manufactures environmentally friendly cosmetics, replenishes moisture deep within your skin. Stay hydrated for a long time with POBAM!


  • Moonlight Serum
    Pobam's Moonlight Serum quenches dry or sensitive skin. This oil liquid serum quickly absorbs into the skin. But it is not greasy or sticky, it can be used every day. Rapidly hydrating and moisturizing your skin and improving skin dryness....

  • - Pore Treatment

    After using for 4 weeks, pores were minimized by 35.95%. According to the research results of the OATC Skin Clinical Trial Center, pobam serum has been used for 4 weeks and is judged to be a product that helps skin elasticity and the improvement of pores.

    It has been tested by OATC INC in Korea which is a nationally accredited company.

    - Key Ingredients

    Sea Water : Serum contains 40% Seawater that is known for calming irritation and reducing inflammation

    Sodium Hyaluronate : Effective for reducing dryness

    Adenosine : Decreaseing the appearance of wrinkles and brighten skin

    Formulated Without Paraben, Alcohol, Sulfates, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Artificial Colorings, and Other Harsh Chemicals


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