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Lash Spell was created to inspire all to revel in their natural beauty. Our array of gentle products are designed to enhance what you’re born with. Casting your spell comes easy when you feel confident and embrace the magic of your unique look. The Lash Spell lineup will give you the look of long and fluttery lashes, and full and thick brows in a matter of weeks.

A percentage of each sale goes to Cancer Cartel. This is a non-profit that donates every single dollar they raise towards helping families affected by cancer. 

Cofounder, Tara shares her experience using Lash Spell, “Being a mom to three young children and running a beauty company is definitely a balancing act. I’m very proud of what we’ve created at Lash Spell and want to inspire people everywhere to take a shot and pursue whatever they are passionate about. Lash Spell is a ten second part of my daily routine that boosts my confidence by giving me amazing results that I know I can depend on.”

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 Press Releases

  • LASH SPELL is here to enhance your natural lash superpowers! During the pandemic, sister and brother duo Tara and Trevor set out to create the most effective, yet gentle lash serum on the market and what they ended up with is truly magical.

    The mission: Lash Spell co-founder Tara is a busy mom of three. She dreamt up the idea of a lash serum that would deliver results with a gentle formula that could be used daily by busy bodies like her. Voila! Lash Spell was born! With only a single swipe every night Lash Spell gives your natural lashes the look of length and volume in a matter of weeks, kinda like magic. Lash Spell aims to inspire all to cast their own unique spell on the world. Lash Spell is here to support and lift up others to embrace their natural beauty. A percentage of each sale goes to Cancer Cartel, a non-profit run by three female cancer survivors who donate every single dollar they raise towards helping families affected by cancer. 

    LASH SPELL: Our signature eyelash serum is dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested and approved to give your lashes the look of length and volume in as little as one month! The overall appearance of your lashes will be visibly improved thanks to active ingredients like Pumpkin Seed Extract, Biotin, Allantoin, and Hyaluronate Acid.


    Brow Spell is an eyebrow-enhancing serum formulated to give you that model-off-duty look. Promised to improve the look of fullness and thickness of your natural brows, Brow Spell has a spoolie for easy application allowing you to apply morning or night. Active ingredients in Brow Spell include Keratin, Biotin, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Swiss Apple Cells, and Hyaluronate Acid.


    The ultimate lash and brow combo kit comes complete with a 4-month supply of Brow Spell and a 2-month supply of Lash Spell. Perfect for Lash Spell beginners or those that want maximum lash and brow drama!

    It’s gentle, it works, it’s not magic, it’s Lash Spell.

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  • Lash Spell Enhancing Eyelash Serum
    Lash Spell was created to enhance your natural lash superpowers. We set out to create the most effective, yet gentle eyelash serum and what we ended up with… well, it’s magical....

  • Lash Spell Enhancing Eyelash Serum is a nourishing formula has been thoughtfully curated, and sourced from the highest-quality ingredients. A combination of bioengineered polypeptides, essential proteins, vitamins and conditioning ingredients that enhance the appearance of length and volume. One swipe at night at the base of your clean, dry lashes. Achieve results in as little as 4 weeks. One full-size Lash Spell serum (3ml) will last approximately 4 months.

    Our formula is ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested and we are proud to be cruelty-free. Lash spell takes a mindful approach in creating products that provide safe solutions in achieving your ultimate lash dreams.

    Our formula is proudly poured in the US, and made, by choice, without: Colorants, DEA, Gluten, Retinol, BHA/BHT, Fragrance, Animal Testing

    A consumer study of our lash and brow serums revealed the following:

    88% agree that our lash serum makes their lashes appear stronger.

    86% agree that our lash serum leaves their lashes looking thicker, longer, and stronger.

    91% of Brow Spell casters achieved fuller-looking brows in 6 weeks.

    89% said their brows felt conditioned and moisturized in 4 weeks.

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