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Phytoca hair Cosmetics is a Brazilian brand that carries a wide range of high-quality products and offers the best solutions in hair cosmetics. It allows professionals to explore their full potential. The success of the products and the vertiginous growth of the company are not a coincidence. Phytoca really proposes to deliver the best in hair cosmetics. Today Phytoca is present in several countries in Latin America and now in the United States. 

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  • PHYTOCA Cosmetics is a Brazilian brand in the market since 2004. Created to innovate the hair cosmetics treatments, we work only with high-quality raw materials and technical know-how, bringing first-class products with high versatility. Our goal is to deliver a profitable, lasting, and sustainable product so the professionals can offer the best to their customers.

    Our products are made to treat and recover the hair, with high-quality cosmetics, performance, and beauty, becoming a leader in the beauty market segment. 

    Our main objective is to encourage, bring confidence, be agile and develop the best quality in our products.

    PHYTOCA Cosmetics has products for all types of hair and needs. Diversity is important to address all types of hair treatment solutions.

    We believe in cruelty-free products with the most natural ingredients. Healthy products, healthy hair.

    Join us to revolutionize the USA hair market.



  • REDUCTION PLUS - BRAZILIAN KERATIN KIT is a professional product with 3 steps. It is used to get the perfect smooth and hydrated soft hair with no frizz

    STEP1 - PREP SHAMPOO  -  Removes residues from hair by cleansing it deeply, producing a rich foam that removes the impurities and dead cells.

    Keratin   -    33.8 oz  -  around 30 applications - 

    STEP2- EMULSION ZERO  -  Its formula has technological actives that reduce hair volume without leaving it dry or dull. The Amino Acids complex protects hair from free radicals, preventing the fiber from excessive fading, while the noble silicones create a protective layer and give more shine and seal the hair. FORMALDEHYDE-FREE 

    Amino Complex, Acidic Proteins, Amino Acids, and Noble Silicones  -     33,8oz    -     around 20 applications -

    STEP3- REDUCING PLUS -  Recovers hair damaged by chemical processes, Its formula is rich in argan oil and noble silicones, promoting a highly hydrated hair and reducing volume and frizz

    Amino Acids, Camelina Butter, and Argan Oils  -   33.8 oz    -    around 20 applications

    RECOVERY KIT is a 3 product treatment created to really recover the hair fibers. it is composed by the <br />RECOVERY SHAMPOO, RECOVERY HAIR MASK AND THE INNOVATIVE RECOVERY ANTI-BREAK. PROFESSIONAL AND HOME CARE....

  • PHYTOCA RECOVERY KIT - This 3 products treatment was created to really recover the hair fiber.

    RECOVERY SHAMPOO - Indicated for fragile, dehydrated, and excessively elastic hair. Made with the hair's physiological pH, it has a gentle cleansing, leaving hair with a pleasant and very smooth touch.

    Babassu Oil, Multifunctional Polymers, Vitamin D, and Panthenol.  -   33,8 oz  - around 30 applications

    RECOVERY MASK - Suitable for fragile, dehydrated, and excessively elastic hair. With a powerful action of repair, nutrition, and sealing, it replaces the water lost during chemical processes, balancing nutrition and restoring hair resistance from length to ends.

    Nano Creatinine, Amino Functional, Biolipid Blend, and Karite Butter  -  33.8 oz  - around 60 applications

    RECOVERY ANTI-BREAK - Anti-breakage regenerating treatment of the hair fiber. Redensifies the cuticle and deeply recovers hair, thus returning resistance, elasticity, and hair body.

    Phyto break, Hydra Hialurocnic, and Complex Cell  -  16.9 oz  - around 60 applications

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