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Babaria is a Spanish cosmetic brand owned by Berioska S.L. After more than 40 years and with strong presence all over the world, Babaria's mission is to take care of people and the planet by providing natural, healthy and high-quality cosmetics to an accessible price to its consumers.

Our commitment to our products' quality is based on four cornerstones: Quality, Job Security, Environment and Product Safety. In addition, Babaria's laboratories have been granted a Certificate Of Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Babaria's policy puts a complete veto on animal testing. Although we do conduct tests to ensure prducts are harmless, these are conducted on human volunteers who are fully informed about the process. 

In Babaria, we keep moving forward in the sustainability path, thus, we are very proud that our brand is one the very first to obtain the AENOR Certificate of Content of Natural Origin in most of our product portfolio. 

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 Press Releases

  • "People, environment and innovation make Babaria a smart brand with a promising future"

    Gerd Loewen, CEO Berioska S.L.

    • The company's CEO, Gerd Loewen, highlighted Berioska's historical values and projected the big goals into his future plan.

    Babaria (Berioska S.L.U.) has commemorated its 40th anniversary with a week of corporate events in which the main milestones of the company were collected, having as its axis the essence of the people and the core values that accompany it since its inception in 1981, which endure in the present and are projected into the future.

    In that sense, the Spanish brand has renewed its claim - Babaria, Smart beauty - to enhance all the added value it offers in the cosmetics and personal care and hygiene sector.

    Gerd Loewen, CEO of the company, stressed that "the essence of the project is people, the environment and innovation, which make Babaria a smart brand with a promising future".

    Likewise, he stressed the company's mission, "to take care of people and the planet" and its vision as a brand "to lead the mass market by providing access to all to natural, healthy and quality cosmetics, which makes Babaria a strong, reliable company, of the here and now, and very prepared for the future".

    Plan 100 or cultural transformation

    The key points to achieve this are included in the ambitious strategic turn of the company, called PLAN 100 with the aim of modernizing the company, positioning the brand among consumers and customers, with a clear image of transversal brand (Babaria Smart Beauty) and an international strategy with priority focus on promoting the business in Spain and in its 4 subsidiaries (Colombia,  Peru, Mexico and USA).

    Milestones that, according to Loewen, "need a fundamental lever: teamwork, in a digital and sustainable way taking into account transversal operational efficiencies".

    Currently, the company employs about 250 people in Cheste- Valencia (Spain), has a broad portfolio in 11 categories of personal care and hygiene and is present in more than 90 countries. Its current sales figure exceeds 60 million euros.

    Since 1981, the brand has always been able to bring innovation closer to the consumer. "Sales of new products account for more than 10% of the total business and in 2022, between launches and relaunches, we have brought to market more than 50 novelties," says Loewen.

    Proof of this innovation is the development of a 100% plastic-free Bio facial line or our specific face care treatments as a Collagen Vegan and Glycolic Acid, in facial cream, facial serum and ampoules formats, 100% vegan products or Facial Cleansing Range with high sustainability values.

    Our products 100% plastic - free are 99% natural origin ingredients certified by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification)

    This anti-ageing cream reduces wrinkles and softens expression lines. It is formulated with Lemon Balm, Orchid and Rambutan (an organic fruit culture rich in antioxidants and minerals), which rejuvenate your skin as you sleep, with a soothing and detox action.

    As for the Vegan Collagen Face Care Specific Treatments, which provides an advanced, anti-aging effect, correcting all signs of aging, like wrinkles and crow’s feet. It also provides a lifting effect, enhancing the skin’s firmness and elasticity. The result is a visibly younger complexion. The collagen used is not derived from animals - thanks to research we have obtained an active ingredient from wild plants.

    In addition, our Facial treatment line formulated with liposomal Glycolic Acid, which provides an anti-aging effect due to its regenerating and unifying action on skin tone. Encapsulating Glycolic Acid in Liposomes promotes the gradual and selective release of the active ingredient for maximum effect on the skin. Liposomal phospholipids also restore the skin barrier.

    Finally our Facial Cleansing Range is formulated with powerful active ingredients that treat each specific skin type. At Babaria laboratories, we have combined our classic Aloe Vera and Rosehip with innovative active ingredients, such as Red Algae, Green Algae and a Prebiotic Active Ingredient, for a highly effective range that provides the best results on the skin. With 100% vegan formulas and a high percentage of natural ingredients certified by AENOR.* We also maintain our firm commitment to sustainability by developing 100% recyclable and recycled packaging and labels.*

    The brand is fully involved in sustainability, has the Aenor certification in a large part of its portfolio endorsing the percentage of ingredients of natural origin and its solar line is Coral friendly and respectful of the marine ecosystem.


  • Natural and Vegan Personal Care and Comsetics
    Babaria's products are the genuin reflection of the company values. Babaria wants to take care the environment, to do so, Babaria offers a wide catalogue with 100% vegan products with high percentage of natural ingredients....

  • We make naturalhealthy and responsible beauty available to consumers through high-value products with functional, personal and collective benefits. We learn from our achievements and mistakes, turning changes into opportunities to offer the closer designed products to our consumer needs.

    We listen, we are actively aware of our environment. Babaria wants to stay one step ahead and discover new products that represent us and are valueable for our consumer. We conduct research to develop new natural and sustainable lines with the highest quality. 

    Through the years, our catalogue has been increasing, covering more and more product categories. Currently our calaogue is divided in:

    • Face Care
    • Hand Care
    • Body Care
    • Hair Care
    • Feet Care
    • Intimate Hygiene
    • Men Care
    • Hair Styling 
    • Body Washes

    We act competenlyhonestly and transparently to win our consumers, customers and collaborators' trust. We work as a team, focusing on the importance of each person and their individual talent, shanring our enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spritir in each new project.

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