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  • (Jun 23, 2022)

    Imaraïs Beauty is offering 15% off wholesale products as the show special.

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  • GLOW Skincare Gummies & GROW Haircare Gummies
    Glow & Grow by IMARAÏS are one-of-a-kind sugar-free skin and hair care gummy powered by organic-certified functional foods, to support healthy skin and hair from the inside out....

  • Glow & Grow by IMARAÏS are one-of-a-kind sugar-free skin and hair care gummies powered by organic-certified functional foods, to support healthy skin and hair from the inside out. Through a unique vegan & cruelty-free harvesting process, Glow and Grow by IMARAÏS are a delicious & convenient way to get healthy-looking skin and fuller-looking hair that shines.

    - A one-month supply of always sweet & never sour lemon flavour skincare gummies for hydrated, glowing, and plump-looking skin. Because what you put on your body is a topical solution, but what you put in your body is the true solution.

    - Ideal for vegan, skincare lovers who want to achieve their best-looking skin naturally.

    - IMARAЇS Beauty products are free from harmful synthetic dyes, fragrance, artificial flavors, GMO’s, gluten, sugar, caffeine, gelatin, and carrageenan. 

    - Incorporate into your daily skincare routine 

    - All active ingredients in Glow by IMARAЇS are locally and ethically sourced in a cruelty-free harvesting process in North America. Fully traceable supply chain, 

    - 100% recyclable packaging 

    - PETA certified cruelty free.

    - Easy to use plant-based skincare routine for everyone and skin types.

    - Marine Algae detoxifies the skin with its rich source of Omega-3. 

    - Vegan Squalane hydrates the skin by preventing the ongoing loss of hydration. It is amazing for sensitive, dry skin, and inflamed skin. 

    - Vitamin C protects the skin and it helps reduce the intensity and appearance of existing discoloration.

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