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BEAUMED is a Korean company specialized in providing various products & devices, ranges from aesthetics, beauty, pharmaceuticals, medical, to cosmetics.
As the aesthetic - beauty trend has evoked according to the time and demands in each culture and countries all over the world, and resulting so many different various technologies has developed to meet each demand, BEAUMED therefore provides products which sourced not only from top Korean manufacturers but also from our global partners worldwide.
Our target is “Presenting in sophisticated aesthetic technology”, and we are doing our utmost efforts to provide the best service and products to meet the needs of our customers.


  • MiFill
    MIFILL Filler<br />Made by advanced MDA technology Widely used world-wide<br />A long lasting monophasic gel HA Filler<br />Excellent cohesion and viscoelasticity<br />Safe, sustainable, with maximum moldability<br />Proven to be superior in comparison with other products...

  • MiFill - Cross-Linked HA Filler with Lidocaine, for a non surgery beautification, enhancement, correction, and augmentation of face and body.

    Introducing our line of MiFill Light, MiFill Deep, and MiFill Volume, contains of HA 20mg/ml with lidocaine 0.3%, particle size 200-500um, extruding force 21-79N, with duration vary from 6-14 months.

    MiFill is a new breed of long lasting HA filler with a unique patented MDA
    (Multi-optimized cross-linking Divinyl sulfone multi crosslink Amphiphilic purification) Technology.
    Unlike others products that are using conventional 1 step technique of Cross-Linking, MiFill technology complete the first step with step 2, step 3 and step 4 of beads unification, thus make it more strong, stable, and migration resistant!

    Indications :
    Forehead, Periorbital, and Nasolabial improvement
    Undereyes, Mid-Face, Malar, and Cheek correction
    Nose, Chin, and Lips augmentation
    V-Shape and Jawline enhancement
    Neck and Back Hands rejuvenation

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