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ITALCOSMETICI is an Italian established MAKE-UP CONTRACT MANUFACTURER with more than 40 years of experience. We manufacture high-performance make-up products with rigorous standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment, providing our customers with customized services.

We apply accurate QUALITY CONTROL procedures in every step of our production involving systematic and constant testing during formulation, development and all production phases.

Good manufacturing practices are regularly monitored by our quality control department in order to guarantee the best security standard to our customers.

From bulk production, to filling and assembly, everything is directly managed in our facilities which allow us to have the TOTAL CONTROL OF THE PRODUCT LIFECYCLE

ITALCOSMETICI is one of the few Italian Color Cosmetic Manufacturers to have obtained the HALAL CERTIFICATE for our entire production process and some textures by World Halal Authority WHA, the Halal Certification body with the highest number of accreditations in the world.This will allow us to open the doors to new markets and continue to meet the demands of our customers. 


Brands: ITALCOSMETICI is an Italian MAKE-UP CONTRACT MANUFACTURER. We manufacture high-performance make-up products since 1980 and provide our customers with customized services from BULK to FULL SERVICE.

 Press Releases

  • We are currently  focusing on the development of clean formulas enriched with special active ingredients to meet the demands of the new generation of make-up customers, who are increasingly aware and demanding about the safety of the ingredients used in their cosmetics. For 2022, Italcosmetici is  proposing formulas in line with current market trends where the product is increasingly high-performing and characterised by tested active ingredients included in a functional level. Each of our new formulas features an active ingredient that makes the product caring. Depending on the area of use, we have included actives with moisturising, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-pollution properties. We are again focusing  on lip products, which have been neglected in the last period, returning to pigmented and glossy textures with functional active ingredients.

    In addition to the demand for increasingly clean and vegan formulas, there is a greater sensitivity to eco-sustainability on the part of customers, with a high request for recycled and recyclable packaging which we embrace in our full service offer.


    Covers like foundation, cares like a serum! Fluid foundation with a light to medium coverage, suitable for all skin types. Like a second skin, it evens out the complexion with a luminous and healthy final effect....

  • Supreme Serum Foundation is like e serum thanks to the innovative microencapsulated active complex which has antiaging properties. This complex with Vitamin C (2 %) proves a reduction of 65,66% of wrinkles in 28 days (from supplier test on raw material or scientific literature).
    Moreover, the cellulose-derived microcapsule protects vitamin C from its oxidation, being it released in application only. 
    It is formulated with 96 % of NATURAL ORIGIN INGREDIENTS (in compliance with ISO 16128 guidelines) and it is FREE FROM: ANIMAL ORIGIN INGREDIENTS /PETROLATUM / SILICON OILS / VOLATILE SILICONES/ PARABENS. Supreme Serum Foundation is also 100 % VEGAN, 100 % GLUTEN FREE, 100 % CRUELTY FREE and can be HALAL CERTIFIED.

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