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Valika Cosmetics Ltd., a total cosmetics manufacturer, was founded in 1998

and mainly produces gel nail polish, specializing in nourishing nail polish.

Since 2008, We have produced UV gel polish, which was developed with our own technology.

In 2013, Valika Cosmetics Ltd. has developed not only Silicone-based UV gel polish

but also eco-friendly Silicone-Germanium UV gel polish which has the effects of

minimizing damages of nails through far-infrared radiation and anion functions.

We have our own factory which is capable of manufacturing gel nail products.

Experienced employees and modern equipments make it possible to produce high quality products.

Upon on this ability, Valika cosmetics supplies various gel polish brands, ADORELLE, BESSIE, and REVELRY.

We believe that these gel polish brands satifsy the needs of various cusomers

Brands: ADORELLE (Professional gel polish for nails), BESSIE (Professional gel polish for nails), REVELRY(Professional gel polish for nails)


    Adorelle is a professional gel polish <br />Adorelle consists of 120 original colors with seasonal colors (about 60colors), Real base gel, Real free top gel, and Real matt top gel....

  • Adorelle, is a compound word of ardor, which means a passion ,

    and Elle, means women in French.

    Adorelle is to add an elegance for precious salons.

    We believe who constantly gives an effort for beauty, is beautiful

    Adorelle is with you so that the effort has been borne on fingertips.

    Adorelle color gel has stable viscosity so it gives easy control.

    Adorelle provides various color expression.

    Adorelle gives the perfect leveling on nails.


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