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About Chungdam CDC JNPharm LLC.

Imagine your beloved daughter is suffering from the same atopic dermatitis that you suffered for a long time. Wouldn't you devote yourself to solution for your daugther? 

JNPharm was estabilished by James Kwon who wanted to make skincare for his beloved daugher when she was diagnosed with the same skin disease that he suffered for a long time.

After decades of suffering, James found out that the best he could do was to find a qualified cream to control itching and moisturize his skin.  But often times he got fooled by marketing and failed to find suitable skincare product. James did not want the same thing happening to his daugher so he decided to estabilish his own cosmetic company for his daugher and those who still failed to find proper produt to treat their skin troubles .

James's primary focus was to develop trustworthy skincare products that are proven with before-and-after results. He believed that if he tried to differentiate JNPharm with R&D power, he could acheive his goal and make reliable skincare product for his daughter.

After many years, his effort finally paid off.  Many dermatologists were fascinated by JNPharm's product, and JNPharm secured its leading position in making skincare product for  dermatologists and skincare clinics. 

COSMOPROF is the start of JNPharm's new chapter.  After many rounds of before-and-after testing we were able to conclude that the most effective way of care skin problem is to blend active ingredients in a bottle and resolve one skin problem at a time.  As a result we decided to make our private brand 'Brottle' with what we found.  With Brottle, JNPharm is offering cost effective way of skincare developed with high standard of R&D. Visit us at booth 37032. 

 Press Releases

  • ChungdamCDC JNPharm LLC , a highly effective cosmeceutical company that creates a brand Dr. Dermach declared they will enter European market to rewrite their success story in 2022 Bologna Cosmoprof, Italy.

    ChungdamCDC JNPharm is a ‘ cosmeceutical ‘ company which provides ‘cosmeceuticals ‘ that have both cosmetics and therapeutic effects.

    They have a line up of brands such as Dr. Dermach, Brottle, Truly Lab and others. They targeted Chinese market and successfully achieved sales excellence, making more than approx. 8 million USD.

    CEO James Kwon said “ On this Cosmoprof Trade Show, we presented Dr. Dermach line up first and retained B2B buyers and a large number of channels to cooperate in marketing channel to target recently growing Cross border market.

    In European market where influence of Korean wave is getting bigger, we will make a success story of K-beauty.”

    Besides, ChungdamCDC JNPharm LLC is cooperating with G1beauty, inTVitem for their commerce solution in brand marketing to foray into Cross border market. And they started marketing and distribution of their products as they started to spread their global contents.


  • Dr. Dermach
    Dr.DERMACH is cosmetics that developed through co-work with dermatologist....

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  • Brottle
    JNPharm is cosmetic company that focus on R&D. With experience of developing products for leading dermatologists in Korea, we decided to launch Brottle at COSMOPROF....

  • JNPharm is the company who used to develop product for dermatologist. As you are well aware of products for dermatologists require high standard. To fulfill needs of dermatologists JNPharm focused on R&D in last few years and became the company that are favored by leading dermatologists in Korea. While we were focusing on R&D, our founder James Kwon prioritized before and after results because the reason that he found JNPharm was to develop the trustworthy product for his daughter who suffered atopic dermatitis. He believed that cosmetic products that do not guarantee before and after results only fool our consumers. 

    Our pathway was not easy but after many years people started to respect what we do, and we were able to secure our position of developing cosmetic product for leading dermatologists in South Korea. The only problem to our pathway was that the products that we were producing for dermatologists were kind of pricy.

    Regardless of its price our product was favored by many dermatologists, and ODM & OEM requests for dermatologists' product was continuously increasing. But our team was not satisfied with that. With hundreds of before and after testing, our team was able to find appropriate active ingredients for each skin trouble. Most importantly our team was able to find perfect balance of blending active ingredients to treat skin trouble.  

    Our team moved forward and decided to make cost effective skin care product that is before and after proven. We hypothesized that the best way to treat skin trouble was to treat one skin problem at once, and tested our hypothesis in past few years. This year at COSMOPROF, JNPharm is trying to launch our new cosmetic line up, Brottle. With Brottle, we aim to blend active ingredients to treat one skin problem at once.

    If you are looking for the company who is obsessed with R&D power, if you are looking for trustworthy cosmetic company, if you want to develop your own product that guarantees high quality do not hesitate to contact us. If you visit us at booth 37032, we will greet you with awesome snack and our sample! Thank you for your time to review our product, and our team is looking forward to meet you at the booth! 

    : )  

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