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VIS BLANC a brand established by ELKO Trading Company, which has specialized in brand distribution for over 30 years in Korea, It is a brand with the meaning of ‘a bright appearance' by combining two words “VIS” and “BLANC”, which contain the meaning of multiple languages. And like the meaning of the brand, we are developing products with the goal and concept of “brightens the skin and appearance.”.



    VIS BLANC 2STEP MASK is a dual skin care mask that simultaneously manages ' face and neckline with one pouch.'...

  • Product Features

    01. Vis Blanc 2Step Mask is a dual skin care mask that simultaneously manages 'face and neck with one pouch'.

    02. Double functional mask for Brightening and Wrinkle improvement.

    03. Contains Hyaluronic Acid Complex and Hydrolyzed Collagen Essence to add moisture and elasticity to the skin!

    04. Vis Blanc 2step mask is produced by a company certified by CGMP for product quality and stability.


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