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Naturalendo Tech was established in 2001, and is currently listed on Kosdaq, Korea’s stock market.

We established ENDODERMA in 2016 as our subsidiary company with the facility to manufacture microneedle patches.

In 2019, we launched the skincare brand NEEDLY. This is currently being sold in the No.1 Beauty retailers in Korea (Oliveyoung, Lalavla, etc), and our products has been ranked as bestsellers in these retail shops.

We are distributing NEEDLY products worldwide-Thailand (Watson), Malaysia, Ukraine, Japan, USA, Singapore, etc and have plans to expand distribution this year.

We are manufacturing our patches for global brands and products are being sold at Sephora, Douglas, ULTA, Walmart, etc.

Brands: NEEDLY is a Korean skincare brand which launched in 2019. Products are being sold in Olive young and Lalavla, which are the No.1 & 2 H&B stores in Korea, and are ranked as the best-selling products.

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  • Endoderma is Naturalendo Tech's subsidiary company. 

    Endoderma has its own facility to manufacture the microneedle patches. Endoderma microneedle patches have patents registered and is known for it's technology and efficacy. 

    Below is the link to an article on Endoderma patch on Korea Times. 


    GLS, a European sales partner of Endoderma, is grateful to work with the Korean bio-venture firm, which it believes holds plenty of potential for medical use.

    "The patented technology is really impressive and leads to best-in-class, science-backed products. We are proud to be in this journey as partners and to represent this technology especially for the European market," GLS CEO Benedikt Burkhardt said during an interview with The Korea Times, on March 16.

    Endoderma's microneedle technology, which delivers drugs by attaching a patch with fine-sized needles to the body, holds tremendous potential for different kinds of uses. It is particularly true for cosmetic purposes, but the potential medical use of such innovative technology is also on the horizon.

    "The technology closes the gap between injections and cutaneous application of for example creams. I think this explains the enormous potential for microneedle technology," Burkhardt said.

    Burkhardt sees huge potential for this relatively young technology, which has already been accepted in the industry.

    "As always, new application forms need to create trust and this takes time. However, Endoderma's technology is very well accepted already and we see great potential for further growth in the medical field. With the right partners in the right segments, this application form can be tremendously successful and helpful for many people," Burkhardt said. "GLS is grateful to share mutual values with Endoderma like trust, transparency and the hard work to offer excellent products with maximum effect to customers."


  • Cicachid Chilling Pad
    Chilling Pad with NEEDLY's exclusive Cicachid Complex. <br />For cooling & soothing....

  • NEEDLY is well known for the Daily Toner Pad.

    We launched the Cicachid Chilling Pad which can provide more benefits!

    It's a pad soaked with toner and is used after cleansing. 

    Key points on the product: 

    • Vegan certified pad
    • Contains NEEDLY's exclusive Cicachid complex 
    • Cooling & Soothing 
    • Immediately lowers the skin temperature 
    • Can be used as a toner pad & facial mask 
    • Low pH level 
    • Pleasent refreshing scent

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