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salTherapy established in 2017. Started under ‘(Korean solar)salt + therapy’ motto. develop and produce beauty products in various category such as Bath&body, Hair and Skincare. Currently Focused on bath & body care category, especially Body Scrubs.

Amniotic water with 0.9% salt utilizes the incredible and miraculous natural healing effect of salt as a vital substance in the blood.

Osmotic action helps release stress substances that have accumulated in the skin over a long period of time in skin that lacks nutrients while the mineral ingredients filled with salt provide skin with care to create balance. 

salTherapy helps heal skin through the use of an optimal synergy with salt that highlights the characteristics of sea salt ‘Solar Salt’, bamboo salt, and grey salt.

We, salTherapy, mainly use ‘solar salt’ with abundant minerals to produce bath & body care products.
And We focus on the comfort of natural ingredients rather than the artificial functions of chemical ingredients as we want to pursue a natural-friendly recipe that will not burden the skin.

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  • (Jun 16, 2022)

    🌊 Please visit our booth #33032 and get free samples! 🌊

    Samples will be given only to 300 people, first come first served basis! 

    🍯 salTherapy Salty Honey Body Scrub 20g x 100ea 

    salTherapy Salty Rice Body Scrub 20g x 100ea 

    salTherapy Salty Coffee Face & Body Scrub Mask 20g x 100ea 

 Press Releases

  • Introduction of salTherapy

    salTherapy, a Korean leading body care brand, will participate in Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas from July 12-14.

    salTherapy is a natural cleansing & body brand using Korean Solar Salt(Cheon-il Yeom) that benefits the entire family's skin by blending Korean Solar Salt and natural ingredients under the slogan "The Benefits of Applying Domestic Natural Korean Solar Salt."

    We have used Youngjin Green Food's top Solar Salt as raw material, which has produced and distributed only salt from Dadohae, Sinan, and Jeollanam-do for 40 years since 1978, and processed solar salt suitable for the body scrub through seven processes at a HACCP-certified facility.

    About Solar Salt

    ‘Solar Salt(Cheon-il Yeom)’ is the Korean term referring to unrefined sea salt extracted naturally from the sea with sunlight and wind. Sea water is filled into water retentions and concentrated naturally. Most salt comes from the coastal areas of the Caribbean or the Red Seas, but the Solar Salt produced in Korea usually comes from the West Sea of Korea. Both low tides and high tides of the West Sea of the Korean peninsula are extreme, where most of the salt in Korea comes from. In Korean tidal flats, gentle waves of the sea create a quality mud flat (Getbol) filled with rich minerals, ‘Solar Salt’ with minerals brings health benefits to our skin.

    salTherapy’s 6 types Body Scrubs

    Salty Body Scrub 6 SKUs

    salTherapy has 6 types of salty body scrub “Honey/Rice/Coffee/Ssuk/Coal/Coco”.

    Since they are hypoallergenic body scrubs, the whole family can be used with no irritation. 

    By using fine particles of thin and finely processed domestic tidal flat Solar Salt, so it is not irritating and has rich mineral content. Skin hypoallergenic test results have been tested for irritation index "0" (OATC Skin Clinical Test Center)

    More than 90% of the ingredients are naturally derived and can be used safely by men and women of all ages. 12 harmful ingredients such as parabens and artificial pigments have been tested for non-detection (Eurofins Korea)

    It contains synergistic Korean ingredients for each product such as Gangwon honey, Icheon rice, and Injin mugwort, so it has various effects such as moisturizing, tone-up, and soothing. Verified clinical trials such as exfoliation, skin moisturization, skin tone improvement, and skin calming (human skin clinical trial center)

    ▪️ Salty Honey Body Scrub

    Honey Scented, Skin Rejuvenating, subtle scent consisting of lemon peel oil and honey.

    Korean natural solar salt particles gently exfoliate and Gangwon honey moisturizes dry body skin.

    ▪️ Salty Rice Body Scrub

    Ylang Ylang Flower Scented, Rice powder for soft exfoliation Yogurt extract helps moisturize.

    Korean natural solar salt particles gently exfoliate and Icheon rice makes the dull body skin clear and clean.

    ▪️ Salt Ssuk Body Scrub

    Lavender Scented, Soothes with wormwood leaf powder and green tea extract Relaxing lavender scent

    Domestic natural salt particles gently exfoliate and help Injin mugwort soothe sensitive body skin.

    ▪️ Salt Coffe Body Scrub

    Caffeine helps improve blood circulation and color. Stress relief and relaxation with espresso powder

    ▪️ Salt Coal Body Scrub

    Rose Scented, Charcoal that draws out pore-clogging impurities Luxurious rose scent of the rosewater

    ▪️ Salt Coco Body Scrub

    Orange-Scented, 5 types of composite oils moisturize skin Citrus orange peel scented

    Launching in Korea’s No.1 H&B Store; Olive Young

    salTherapy launched body scrub products in 1,200 stores of Republic of Korea’s No. 1 H&B Store Olive Young.

    Furthermore, salThreapy’s Salty Body Scrub ranks 1st on the Top 3 Beauty Awards of Korea’s Beauty Platforms (HwaHae, Glowpick, Powder Room) in the Body Scrub Category.

    Coming Soon

    In addition to body scrub, more body care products such as scrub shampoo, bath products, body wash, body lotion, facial moisturizing cream, etc. will be released  


  • Salty Body Scrub & Scalp Scrub Spa Shampoo
    salTherapy uses clean sea salt produced in Sinan South Jeolla Province, South Korea. Safe ingredients including sea salt to help remove body waste and stress. Salt's osmosis eliminates waste inside pores and provides ample minerals that tighten your skin....

  • salTherapy provides beneficial products with novel ideas and safe ingredients including sea salt.

    salTherapy uses clean sea salt produced in Sinan, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

    Safe ingredients including sea salt to help remove body waste and stress.

    Salt's osmosis not only eliminates waste inside pores, but also provides ample minerals that tighten your skin.

    100% FINE KOREAN SEA SALT - Using only fine particles among premium Korean solar salts to renew your skin through a gentle exfoliation.

    100% PURE NATURAL HONEY AND OLIVE OIL - They deeply nourish and moisturize your skin and improve elasticity.

    ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - All ingredients are safe for your skin. All green EWG score but natural essential oil.

    No HARMFUL CHEMICALS - Free of Harmful chemicals including Prabens, Sulfates, Artificial fragrance and coloring.

    MADE IN KOREA - Trendsetter 'Made in Korea' by a professional cosmetics research team leading K-beauty in the world. 

    🌊 salTheray BODY SCRUB 🌊


    1) Form moisture membrance with Honey and Olive oil

    2) Vitalize the skin with Vitamin E


    1) Strong moisturizing with 5 kinds of oil including Coconut oil

    2) Stress relief and relax with aroma of Orange Peel Oil


    1) Soothing the Irritated skin with mugwort(SSUK) Extract and Green Tea Extract

    2) Moisturizing with Shea butter, Jojoba oil and Avocado Oil


    1) Adsorptive power of Charcoal remove body and skin’s waste

    2) Moisturizing with Olive oil and Macadamia Seed oil


    1) Gently exfoliate with rice flour

    2) Moisturize skin with yogurt extract


    1) Caffeine helps improve blood circulation and color

    2) Stress relief and relax with espresso powder

    Main Ingredients

    Fine Sea(Bay) Salt

    It gently removes dead skin cells using only fine particles among premium solar salts from Shinan (South Korea) to make your skin smooth.

    Moisturizing the skin with Honey!

    Honey, which is excellent for moisturizing the skin, gives enough moisture to dry skin after exfoliating.

    Vitalize the skin with Vitamin E

    Tocopherol is an antioxidant that contains vitamin E and is known to boost the collagen production when absorbed into the skin to vitalize the skin.


    Scalp Scrub Spa Shampoo

    It contains domestic natural salts and naturally derived surfactants to effectively remove dead skin cells and sebum from the scalp and provides nutrition rich in beer yeast extract and milk protein extract to clean and healthy scalp and hair.

    Main Ingredients

    Fine Sea(Bay) Salt

    - Albumen Extract

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract

    - Milk protein extract

    - Honey Extract

    - Olive Oil 


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