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Dermatological Cosmetic, DERMA CENTRIC

DERMA CENTRIC is a derma cosmetic brand for sensitive skin. The lab specializes in the unique formulation of products that are firmly based on high-performance ingredients. All our products and methods are based on the successful delivery of optimized active ingredients deep into the skin.

DERMA CENTRIC is a global derma cosmetic brand sold in over 700 dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the world.

As a cosmetic brand for fundamental improvement of skin troubles by increasing the power of the skin's central cells, DERMA CENTRIC provides an optimized solution with a hypoallergenic prescription and proven scientific ingredients for sensitive skin, and ultimately it is willing to deliver true value for skin health.

DERMA CENTRIC carefully selects and applies the best raw ingredients based on biotechnology and develops safe and effective scientific dermatology-only cosmetics by conducting joint research on raw materials with world-class researchers.

Brands: DERMA CENTRIC is a global derma cosmetic brand sold in over 700 dermatologists around the world and it provides solution with hypoallergenic prescription and scientific ingredients for sensitive skin.

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    Derma Centric's representative products, Derma-7 Repair Cream and Derma Bio Repair Mask, are provided to all buyers who visit Derma Centric's booth and hold a meeting. Be sure to seize the opportunity to try out our excellent products for yourself.

    DERMA-7 Repair Cream / 5ml                                                                                                                                           [Anti-wrinkle • Whitening Improvement] 
    DERMA-7 REPAIR CREAM contains enough nutrients to restore and rejuvenate your skin. The active ingredients Madecassoside and Ceramide NP restore the barrier function and provide enhanced moisture to sensitive skin.
    Used after laser treatment to increase skin elasticity and soothe the skin.  

    [Anti-wrinkle • Whitening Improvement]                                                                                                                              Derma Bio Repair Mask is a premium mask with a sheet of Coconut Bio-cellulose material that instantly soothes irritated skin, and a highly concentrated serum of 65% Centella Asiatica extract strengthens the skin barrier, improves elasticity and prevents wrinkles.

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    Cosmeceutical Products

    Booth Number: 32049

    DERMA CENTRIC is a cosmetics brand for hospitals that is sold by over 700 dermatologists and plastic surgeons at home and abroad. Derma Centric basic cosmetics are produced by using ingredients delivering proven efficacy and stability, effective prescriptions, and superior technology for customers with sensitive skin to use safely after laser treatment. In particular, it contains ingredients that are effective for elasticity improvement (SYN-HYCAN), moisturization (MultiMoist CLR), and skin regeneration (centeUa asiatica). Derma Centric products to be showcased at Cosmoprof North America include Tripeptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream & Ampoule, with applicable filler and botox concept, and Derma Hydration Boosting Cream (a moisturizing cream containing Hyaluronic Acid and Pycnogenol), and Gca Relief Tone Up BB containing 185,000 ppm of Centella Asiatica and Octuple Hyaluronic Acid.

    The products produced by Derma Centric are sold not only in Korea dermatologists and plastic surgeons, but also via various distribution channels, including  hospitals in China, Japan, Taiwan, Sigapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


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    #205 Chang-Ui Gwan, 120 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea 


    [Anti-wrinkle • Whitening Improvement] <br />Immediate Elasticity improvement clinical test completed<br />Premium wrinkle improvement product that delivers peptide energy to create firm and vital skin by containing SYN-HYCAN and RED BOTANICAL-IFT....


    Premium anti-wrinkle ampoule that enhances skin’s self-renewal, contains fillers to be applied and new ingredients of the concept of Botox.

    It is a total anti-wrinkle ampoule that establishes the center of elasticity from all andgles of the skin and prevents and cares for various signs of aging through the powerful duo ingredients SYN HYCAN and RED BOTANICAL-IF(Red Botox).


    • Containing SYN-HYCAN, registered patents in 6 countries and synthesizing hyaluronic acid by skin and improving elasticity and volume

    • Vegan collagen, nano-liposome material, anti-wrinkle effect, Red Botox material upgraded than exsting Botox

    • Soft red natural color by vitamin B12, high viscosity textured ampoule that is quickly absorbed into the skin

    • Whitening and wrinkle-improving dual functional cosmetics with all healthy ingredients excluding harmful ingredients

    About this item

    • REFRESHING AND RENEWING INGREDIENTS: Say goodbye to premature signs of aging with Derma Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule enriched with Niacinamide Aloe Leaf Extracts, Marine Collagen, Avocado Fruit Extracts, and Ginseng Berry Extracts. These active ingredients in our anti-wrinkle ampoule enhance the skin's self-renewal power while diminishing wrinkles.

    • IMPROVES ELASTICITY & SOFTNESS: Derma anti-wrinkle face ampoule is quickly absorbed into your skin and works on the concept of Botox. Our collagen ampoule establishes the center of elasticity from all angles of the skin and prevents and cares for various signs of aging through powerful duo ingredients. It improves skin elasticity and volume to give you soft, dewy, and bouncy skin.

    • IMPROVES SKIN TEXTURE & MOISTURE BARRIER: The presence of moisturizing ingredients in our astringent ampoule creates a moisture barrier to prevent water loss and keep the skin hydrated. The alcohol-free ampoule with Aloe Leaf extracts calms, soothes your skin while maintaining texture, tightening skin pores, and mildly removing blemishes and aging spots.

    • MINIMIZES WRINKLES AND FINE LINES: This intensive skin barrier ampoule is enriched with marine collagen that strengthens the skin barrier and fights early signs of aging. Our anti-aging ampoule stimulates collagen production and improves overall skin elasticity. It offers a lifting effect while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, saggy and dull-looking skin.

    • HOW TO USE: Cleanse your skin using a mild cleanser and tone the skin using a hydrating toner. Put one drop of Derma Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule in your cheeks and forehead and softly tap the skin. The vegan and lightweight formula are non-sticky and non-oily, making it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive & irritated skin.

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