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Since 1999, R&R Corp. has continued to strive to develop natural hair care products that set a new milestone in the world of beauty. R&R Corp.'s products are specialized in a wide range of hair care products to satisfy customers with all types of hair needs.

Our Brands include: NEXT IMAGE & ON Natural. Current top-selling products are Curl -N- Wavy, Weave & Wig and Edge Control Edge Gels. 

The company is known as one of top hair care product manufacturers in the U.S. Our brands are currently being distributed to approximate 8,000 OTC Beauty Supply retail stores thru 45 U.S. & Canada distributors/wholesalers. Also, the selected products are sold at CVS, Walmart, Target, Burlington, Rite Aid, Wegmans, etc.

All R&R's products contain only the highest concentration of the purest ingredients formulated and encapsulated in unique delivery systems that ensure maximum penetration and outstanding results. R&R Corp. adheres a strict product development philosophy that emphasizes visible results and the treatments of specific hair concerns using naturally derived ingredients and safe preservation systems.

New products will be introduced at the show so visit us!

Brands: On Natural, NEXT IMAGE

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  • From On Natural

    Edge Man 11 exclusive Beard line is formulated with 11 natural ingredients, delivering a complete beard care system. On Natural's Natural Botanical Formula cleans, nourishes, and hydrates while enhancing natural sheen, manageability, and style.

    Beard Wash.

    Available in 8 oz.

    Beard Oil.

    Available in 2 oz.

    Beard Balm.

    Available in 3.4 oz.


    Your braiding styler with hair growth theraphy. NEXT IMAGE Foam Wrap Locking Mousse and Braid Locking Gel are formulated with natural ingredients to leave your hair hydrated and protected.

    Foam Wrap Locking Mousse.

    Black Castor & Argan

    Pomegranate & Cherry Blossom

    Olive & Avocado

    Available in 8 oz.

    Braid Locking Gel.

    Black Castor & Argan

    Cherry Blossom & Pomegranate

    Available in 3 oz. & 16 oz.


  • Foam Wrap Locking Mousse & Braid Locking Gel
    Your ultimate hair styler from NEXT IMAGE. Formulated with natural ingredient, Foam Wrap Locking Mousse and Braid Locking Gel will leave your hair hydrated and protected. They are ideal for braids, locks, cornrows, twists, weaves, and natural hair.<br />...

  • New Products launched in 2022 Spring from NEXT IMAGE

    Rejuvenate Your Hair

    Braid - Locked - Ultimate Moisture, Shine & Control

    Biotin & Panthenol, to promote hair growth

    Caffeine, to stimulate scalp circulation

    Shea Butter, enriched with Vitamin A & E, to moisturize

    No Alcohol, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Sulfates

    Long Lasting Hold

    Seals & Sets

    Superior Shine


    Controls Frizz


    NEXT IMAGE Locking Mousse is formulated with natural ingredients to leave your hair hydrated and protected. Specially designed to moisturize dry, brittle hair while leaving your hair defined and full of body.

    #11040 - Foarm Wrap Locking Mousse [Black Castor & Argan] - 8 oz.

    #11041 - Foarm Wrap Locking Mousse [Pomegranate & Cherry Blossom] - 8 oz.

    #11042 - Foarm Wrap Locking Mousse [Olive & Avocado] - 8 oz.


    NEXT IMAGE Locking Gel is an all-in-1 styling solution for braiding, twisting, and locking for all hair types. Formulated with natural ingredients, Braid Locking Gel provides long-lasting hold and hydrated effect on your hair. This gel also achieves an excellent edge styling with a frizz control.

    #12001 - Braid Locking Gel [Black Castor & Argan] - 3 oz.

    #12002 - Braid Locking Gel [Cherry Blossom & Pomegranate] - 3 oz.

    #12011 - Braid Locking Gel [Black Castor & Argan] - 16 oz.

    #12012 - Braid Locking Gel [Cherry Blossom & Pomegranate] - 16 oz.

    R&R Corp.

    Rockville, MD 20852

    Made in USA



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