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  • Wash-Away Labels
    Adcraft’s Wash-Away Labels are an effective solution for brands looking for environmentally friendly labels that stand out on the shelf. Created for PET containers, the labels are identical in quality and performance to traditional BOPP label solutions....

  • Wash-Away Eco-friendly Labels

    Adcraft Labels is excited to announce the addition of their award-winning Wash-Away Labels to their line of eco-friendly products. As companies move toward a circular economy, the use of Wash-Away Labels is essential for ensuring that PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic containers are recycled.

    Many brands that use PET for packaging aim to reach 100% recyclability by 2025. Yet, PET containers with incompatible label materials and adhesives affect the recycling process, making it difficult for companies to meet their goals. PET containers with attached labels are not recycled; they are downcycled. Downcycled materials are used to create a different type of product other than the original. For example, a PET water bottle will be downcycled into clothes, carpets, toys, and packaging materials, but not into another water bottle. Using Adcraft’s Wash-Away Labels, brands can reduce downcycling by creating truly recycled rPET to be reused in the manufacturing of bottle-to-bottle applications.

    Adcraft’s Wash-Away Labels labels are ideal for PET containers used in the health and beauty, food and beverage, personal care, and nutraceutical industries.

    These Wash-Away Labels require no extra recycling effort from the end-user. Containers with these labels are deposited into a recycle bin, where they will go through the recycling process as usual. The labels are easily removed from PET containers during recycling and will not disrupt the recycling process. 

    Adcraft’s Wash-Away Labels create a strong bond with the PET container to ensure adhesion throughout the product’s lifecycle. Then, when these containers have served their purpose, they move to the recycler and are placed in the sink/float tank where the bond is broken. The facestock and adhesive separate from the PET flake, resulting in pure rPET chips that can be used to make new products. Thus, when brands use Wash-Away Labels, they adopt more sustainable packaging solutions and enable operating and performance improvements that have benefits beyond sustainability. 

    Adcraft’s Wash-Away Labels are an effective solution for brands and designers that want to be environmentally friendly and create labels that stand out on the shelf. Wash-Away Labels can be used with digital and traditional flexographic embellishments such as cold foil, spot gloss, metallic ink, and more.

    Wash-Away Labels from Adcraft Labels are the way forward in maximizing the recyclability of PET containers.

    • Best in class wash-off technology. The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has recognized Wash-Away Labels as exceeding their strict standards for recyclable label products.
    • Wash Away Labels are identical in quality and performance to traditional BOPP label solutions.
    • Wash Away Labels deliver high performance in challenging environments without sacrificing recyclability.
    • Wash Away Labels are available in clear, white, and metalized materials to suit a range of decoration needs.
    • Wash Away Labels are available with a 90% post-consumer recycled content PET liner.

    Adcraft Labels, a recognized leader in the label and flexible packaging industry, is a winner of numerous awards for innovation, craftsmanship, and stunning designs. With their digital-hybrid press and proprietary JetFlex Technology™ workflow, Adcraft has removed all barriers to creating beautifully embellished, award-winning labels.

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