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We’re a Polish brand of body care cosmetics offering high-quality yet affordable products. Being natural matters to us; we make every effort so that our formulas contain the high amounts of ingredients of a natural origin, with varied properties, suitable for the needs of even the most demanding skin. In our offer, you’ll find body butters, mousses, scrubs, lip balms, and special cosmetics for tattooed skin, suitable for both new and old tattoos.

The boldness of natural solutions – that’s what distinguishes our dermocosmetics. We use the latest scientific achievements and create unique complexes of active ingredients. We avoid even potentially harmful components - none of our creams contain parabens. Apart from testing the effectiveness of the cosmetics, our laboratories also pay attention to the pleasantness of their application. We make sure that dermicLAB products work comprehensively and leave you with a feeling of pure comfort.

Brands: Cosmepick - high-quality yet affordable body care cosmetics inspired by nature. dermicLAB – modern dermocosmetics that change everyday experience of skincare.


  • Cosmepick Body Peeling Salted Caramel
    The salt scrub with the scent of salty caramel is a real feast for the senses. Turn your bathroom into a home spa and enjoy a moment of relaxation. The salt particles will quickly deal with calloused, rough skin and stimulate microcirculation....

  • Our salt scrub with the scent of salty caramel will be a true feast for your senses. With its help, you’ll easily turn your bathroom into a home spa and relax for a bit. The salt particles contained in the peeling will quickly deal with calloused, rough skin and stimulate microcirculation - your body will thank you.

    We’re not wizards (unfortunately), so we can’t create magical products. No cosmetic – no matter how much you’ll spend on it – can miraculously change your life. However, COSMEPICK will help you find a moment just for yourself during the day, a much-needed moment of relaxation, when you’re only left with your thoughts. And if you’re having a totally hopeless day and having a hard time even thinking about applying anything to your skin, at least smell one of our products – our salted caramel peeling is recommended for all worries; it’s proven information, seriously.

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