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Miracle Bean Essence "Moisture replenishment with sebum and waste care at once"

1. Beans are high in amino acids, essential to skin, Pear, barley, and pomegranates provide sufficient moisture and nutrition. The mucilage formulation that has been fermented fills between the skin. By using raw materials with high viscosity from soybean fermentation, the excellence of the concentrated material can be visually confirmed. (It feels like Japanese “nato”)

2. Mixsoon’s special extraction method “72 Hours High Frequency Low Temperature Extraction”

When extracted at low temperatures with high frequencies, the active ingredients of the raw material can be preserved as much as possible.

3. Functions

 a. Remove dead skin cells and control sebum without any irritation

 - step1 : Apply the bean essence to the skin and roll it in a circle 2~3 minutes

 - step2 : Waste the residue with water or wipe it with a pad after washing your face with water

 b. Moisture filled from the inside out

 c. Fermented soybeans, a secret of the chewy skin texture

 d. Four fermented ingredients to further enhance the functions of moisturizing and beautifying the skin

Brands: Mixsoon essence aims at ‘Minimal & Clean Beauty’ by using 100% pure ingredients extracted on low-temperature that can give the best moisturizing effect without irritating the skin.


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