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EIIO is the hypoallergenic cosmetic brand intended for those with sensitive and fragile skin. Changes in skin that slightly become healthier every day with hypoallergenic products that reflect the experienced know-how of skin professionals. EIIO formulas support everyday care of sensitive and demanding skin, often exposed to urban environmental pollution.

No longer today's concern about your skin, but with expectation for tomorrow.

Campaign for your valuable skin, " Everyday It Is Okay ! "


  • EIIO Welling Wash Off Pack
    It is a wash-off pack that quickly soothes irritated and tired skin with the nutrition of vividly ground leaves, and cleanses the skin with overflowing freshness and full moisture....

  • Skin soothing, trouble relieving
    It contains ground ingredients effective for soothing skin thus alleviating your skin troubles. Further, it promptly soothes the skin rendered sensitive caused by ultraviolet rays or external scratches.

    Intensive moisturizing and improvement of skin texture
    Upon it being applied to your face, it wraps your skin gently, giving refreshing feeling of cooling. It, further, provides intensive moisturizing and nutrients, thus keeping your skin texture moist and soft for a prolonged period of time after face washing

    Cleansing skin wastes
    It neatly cleanses wastes left in the skins and protects the skin against external pollution, keeping it healthy

    Improved complexion and vitalization
    It helps remove unnecessary sebum and dead skin in the pores, making complexion brighter and more transparent and keeping the skin vitalized

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