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We think of Fulton & Roark as American Fine Fragrance. It’s not just about where we’re from. Rather, it comes from our team’s creative mindset, and a pattern we often see. Whether you’re talking about great American winemakers, painters, chefs, or even breweries, an interesting arc seems to emerge.

Often, American creators spent their early years learning and even imitating the ways and customs of the European establishment. And, they often did so with a sense that the long traditions of the old world were inherently better. But then, something happened…

Whether it was Cabernets, IPA’s, or Rock ‘n’ Roll, they truly made their marks when they disregarded the way things had always been done, and started creating things all their own in their own ways...knowing the rules, and choosing to break them.

That’s what we’re doing in the world of fine fragrance–looking to new ingredients, formulation methods, and even formats to make our mark on the world.

While we love and admire the Parisian Maisons, we’re out to do something entirely different, something uniquely our own. We call that ambition American Fine Fragrance, and we hope you enjoy it.

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