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    - 6 bio cellulose sheet masks<br />- 4 plant cellulose sheet masks<br />- 2 Toners<br />- 2 Serums<br />- 1 Essence Lotion<br />- 1 Facial Cream<br />- 2 Foaming Wash...

  • OBED Bio Cellulose Face Mask_Anti-Aging creates firmer, healthier and more elastic skin.

    OBED Bio Cellulose Face Mask_BRIGHTENING creates clearer and brighter skin tone.

    OBED Bio Cellulose Face Mask_Hydrating secures deep moisture within your skin.

    OBED Bio Cellulose Face & Neck Mask_Lavender Aroma provides pure relaxation with a lavender aroma.

    OBED Bio Cellulose Face & Neck Mask_Rose Aroma invigorates the most beautiful skin with a lovely rose aroma.

    OBED Bio Cellulose Cherry Lip Mask (Pink colroed bio cellulose sheet) creates elastic and moisture lips.

    OBED Calming Face Mask (Plant Cellulose sheet mask, 4types)

    - Calming Blue Hydrating Mask replenishes your skin with deep moisturization.

    - Calming Red Vitalizing Mask gives vitalization & brighter to dull skin.

    - Calming Yellow Nourishing Mask creates firmer & nourish to dry skin.

    - Calming Green Relaxing Mask calms and refreshes for sensitive skin.

    OBED Daily Morning Toner (Anti-Aging+Hydrating) has plant derived hyaluronic acid increasing skin moisture.

    (A daily, soothing toner infused with 87.10% of Viola Flower Extract)

    OBED Blemish Night Toner makes tired skin bright and healthy.

    (A nutritious toner infused with vitamin complex and 82.19% of Evening Primrose Flower extract)

    OBED Daily Morning Serum absorbs quickly for elastic skin that’s plumped with moisture.

    (A daily serum infused with 86.03% of Viola Flower Extract)

    OBED Blemish Night Serum has antioxidant effect & hydration for a bright, healthy look.

    (A nutritious serum infused with Vitamin complex and 82.19% of Evening Primrose Flower extract)

    OBED Lemon Foaming Hand Wash, (Liquid soap, foam type)

    - Mild liquid hand soap for the whole family with only 100% six effective plant origin ingredients

    OBED Facial Cleanser (Liquid soap, foam type)

    - Makeup remover and daily face wash, mild & moisturizing

    OBED Green CICA Sleeping Cream

    -  A sleeping cream mask that is quickly absorbed into the skin overnight to provide deep moisture and nutrition.

    OBED Redemption Essence Lotion

    - Essence lotion for sensitive skin, milk thistle extract & Hyaluronic Complex protects/repairs skin’s barrier and intensively moisturize skin.

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