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Duksung was established in 1966 and began producing synthetic leather for the first time in Korea. We are currently operating production plants in Suwon, Incheon, Osan, Pyeongtaek and Busan in Korea and in Guangzhou in China. As a leading company in all aspects, including production capacities, talent and the ability to develop new products, we are stably meeting the entire demand for the cosmetic market.

Brands: NEOPORA (Air Puff) Good absorption Keeping the durability of absorption Good Moisture holding properties Good Weather resistance Good Durability


    Air cushion puff for liquid foundations...

  • NEOPORA  is  a cosmetic puff that is manufactured by our own unique  technology. NEOPORA is consist of three layers,  NEOPORA-P,  Sponge and JONES. The upper layer is covered by JONES  to prevent any contamination from outside. The  middle layer gives air contention playing a  roll  to keep it close to your skin. The bottom layer is  NEOPORA-P having continuous microporos polyurethane cells. These micro cells can easily absorb liquid foundations and help them to be applied evenly and thinly to skin. NEOPORA is the one for your perfect makeup for sure.


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