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Redzone is the #1 Connected Workforce solution for manufacturers. We help frontline workers make more products for less while greatly improving the employee experience. We create an environment where frontline workers are more engaged and more productive, improving their lives while contributing to positive business outcomes. We do this by combining exceptional software and world class coaching, giving our customers an average increase of 22% in productivity in 90 days. Redzone brings together production, maintenance and quality teams, increasing the communications to resolve issues while increasing output. Decision making happens on the shop floor by the people doing the work, in real time for immediate impact and a better overall employee experience. With over 250,000 users, Redzone is helping more than 900 plants worldwide achieve remarkable productivity gains in just 90 days. For more information visit

Brands: Redzone enables frontline teams to contribute their full potential, elevating the frontline with new technology to achieve company goals around productivity and throughput.


  • Productivity Module
    Productivity is the first, and base, module of the Redzone Connected Workforce Solution. Significantly increase plant productivity by 22% in 90 days by activating your frontline teams. Make 5 days of production in 4....

  • Productivity

    Take your connected workers to another level of productivity by enabling and encouraging them with purposeful communication. 

    Your frontline workers are your best productivity engine when you give them a digital identity so their voice can be heard. When Production, Quality and Maintenance team members huddle regularly during a shift, everyone is in the loop and the right things get done.

    And because rewarded behavior is repeated behavior, your team can send high fives or good catches to create a unified environment of shop floor ownership that unleashes human potential—and reduces staff turnover.

    Visual Factory 
    Give everyone real-time visibility to real-time data so they know if they are winning or losing at all times. 
    • Highly visual, easy to read dashboards to immediately communicate how a team is doing vs. targets 
    • Real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to measure throughput without manual, error-prone, rear-view monitoring 
    • On-line SOPs and work instructions in context of standard work 

    Problem Solving 
    Make problems go away with continuous visibility and accountability to get things done. 
    • Ad hoc problem solving at the point of activity 
    • Pareto analysis to keep focused on the vital few issues 
    • Structured action management for accountability to get things fixed 
    • Manage corrective action meetings for assignments and accountability 

    Bigger issues need a team approach. Bring the right people and tools to bear to save $$$. 
    • Built-in continuous improvement tools (Fishbone, 5 Whys, etc.) for resolving larger scope issues 
    • Business intelligence tools to quantify top challenges and measure financial benefits

    Every Redzone Community member improves their performance as a function of their starting baseline OEE and their initial CI maturity.

    Once you’ve connected your teams to the data streaming from your lines in real-time—approx. 1 week—you will immediately begin to see productivity improvements. Throughout the 90-Day Coaching Program you will see your OEE rise and your productivity increase in a way that your own teams can sustain, and build upon, independently. 

    The Redzone 90-Day Program
    90 days is the perfect amount of time to create a meaningful process and behavioral change, without overwhelming your organization. The repeatable, predictable program consists of:
    • A short preparation phase to get you and your environment ready
    • Development of an agreed-upon success plan
    • A Win the Day phase to align your teams for immediate improvement
    • A Problem Solving phase to implement skills to address the top recurring issues
    • A plant-wide celebration to communicate your success to the whole company and reward your teams for their hard-fought wins

    Predictable Outcomes
    Implemented at over 700 plants around the world,the impact on people, teams, and your business, is transformative. Your people learn by doing; so even the most techno-shy individuals will be experts in no time.
    • Teams are focused on the vital few things that will move the needle
    • Quick wins for your frontline teams that drive a culture of improvement
    • Sustainable performance improvements that translate into significant cost savings
    • Visibility of individuals that demonstrate leadership for advancement consideration
    • Everyone working toward the same goal and speaking the same language from the shop floor to the top floor

    Download the datasheet here.

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