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Candy Brush is specially designed to help you achieve the perfect style regardless of your hair type. Our Candy Brush will be able to keep up with your needs no matter what. 

Candy Brush caters to all! Whether you’re having trouble with brittle hair or struggling to find a brush strong enough for a thick mane, you can always trust a Candy Brush to do the trick.

The manufacturing and distribution of Candy Brush products adhere to ethical, safe, trusted, and customer-centric practices to ensure you’re entirely in good hands.

Brands: What’s the Candy Brush all about? Well, that’s easy… We want untangled and smooth hair. Our mission is to make brushing hair easy and fun!


  • Candy Brush -Scented MAZE Detangler

  • Who said your messy hair couldn’t be tamed? We are going to help you achieve the confidence you deserve even with your curly tangles and bad hair day! 

    Candy Brush is our best creation yet, featuring environmentally friendly materials paired with stunning ultra-flexible design and a scented base to make you feel your best self in every stroke. Providing you with one-piece molded technology, our brushes prevent bacterial build-up and easy clean up.

    Suitable for blow-drying, Candy Brush’s open vent design and high heat tolerance material will save you from worrying about missing an important meeting! Not to mention, our hairbrushes untangle your hair with its soft bristles for minimum effort, giving you a naturally beautiful appearance, you’ll definitely want to keep! 

    Creating the Candy Brush Catalog has helped me love myself more for who I am, and I know it will help you in many aspects of your life, not just your hair! Let’s always strive to be the best version of ourselves with the perfect hair partner we can always count on! 

    Striving for the absolute best, we’ve accumulated a lifetime of hairbrush insights while searching for the perfect brush. Throughout the design process and the effects of the brush on different hair types and styles, we made sure we managed each stage closely and worked together every step of the way. 


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