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When it comes to plastic tubes, Yuan Harng, Taiwan (YH tubes) has been a leading supplier in the industry. At YH you receive quality, variety, creativity and flexibility; beginning from 1986, YH has been involved with packaging products. Tubing division established in 2002, supplying major skin care, personal care and color cosmetics brands globally. Today, More than 70 styles of tube heading style available, annual capacity about 240 million pieces and continues growing rapidly. 100% exported to USA, EU, Japan, and other areas. Quality is ensured by ISO 9001 certified system and reputation from world class customers.

In response to the increasing demands, division of Contract Manufacturing plant has been set up, with CGMP USA and Europe certified, ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO22716 certified, a professional turnkey service (OEM&ODM) for skin care, personal care, hair care and color cosmetics.

Brands: Yuan Harng is a Taiwan-based manufacturer, offering various sizes of flexible tubes and innovational customized tubes with a yearly capacity of 240 million pieces and production floor of 33,300 m2.


  • Flexible tube with cushion applicator
    YH Cushion Tube is the best option for low viscosity formulas. The soft cushion tip with patented on/off switch, applies product directly where needed. Suitable for primers, highlighters, blush, color correctors, etc....

  • Flexible tube with soft cushion tip, applying products onto traget area in tender way. ON/OFF rotation system provides a full control of delivery amount. Ideal packaging for facial makeup and hair makeup. 

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