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Welcome to The Roots Naturelle and Black Panther Strong USA. 

Beginning in 1991, a family owned world class cosmetic producing company based in Los Angeles CA committed to producing the highest quality of personal cosmetics through sustainable principles and manufacturing practices, exceeding client expectations and achieveing market leadership.we are commited researchers, compounders , manufacturers and wholesalers using quality ultra high grade high end food grade ingregents through our state of the art laboratories, chemist and compunders on site 

Black Panther and Roots are built on the pillars of fair trade,local employment opportunities, and elevating eco-conscious practices, while processing and producing finest quality products using the purest-raw ingredients in the industry. We have worked relentlessly in california and the west coast  for over 30 years to become one of the best and largest black owned cosmetics manufacturing companies in the western united states. We also reach out to communities across Africa and the Caribbean educating them on the importance of keeping the environment clean and raising awareness on maintaining good personal hygiene.

Our mission is human- centered; providing safe and exceptional working conditions, full operational transparentcy, and complete access from supplier to consumer and as a company of great integrity, The Roots and Black Panther believes in equal opportunities for all.

Through the journey to strengthen the local communities, a portion of the sales go back to funding and curating resourses to empower the public to become leaders of their environment and masters of their life path.

In addition to the care for the end user, our manufacting process is truly sympathetic to the cenvironment. We believe our range of  products deliver an opportunity to the entire US market to exprience great products at supperior quality and competitive prices.

We are now keen to partner with top grade wholesalers and retailers in expanding our market footprint.

With that being said, any of our lovely customers can also support us by shopping black panther and roots today @ or and support the vision of transforming the community 

Thanks so much for your attention and please find it convienient to stay in touch through our social media  handles, links and platform.

We may also be reached directly

on +1323 899 3089 or 888 665 7100

Warm Regards,

Dr Churchill Idah



blackpanther edge control

 Press Releases

  • Allure magazine names us as one of the best edge control products in the industry and writes "if you are told that the black panther edge and braid control was made with the best stuff on earth, we would believe it. The fans especially those with type 4C texture hair love this gel for its ability to hold and slay edges and braids throughout the day"

    We couldn't have said it any better.


  • Black Panther Edge and Braid Control
    The amazing Black Panther Edge and Braid Control is a finishing pomade with no flakes, non greasy and alcohol free. Excellent for creating those distinctive edge and polished braid looks....

  • The amazing Black Panther Edge and Braid control. Used by the worlds most acclaimed stylists and braiders. 100% vegan with biotin, to condition the edges while slaying it. This firm hold pomade is excellent for creating distinctive and polished professional braids and for swooping those edges. Lets braid, Lets Loc, Lets Twist. Help braid faster, neater with no messy build up and easy wash out. 
  • Black Panther Braid Foam
    Black panther control foam is a seal that stops braids from fraying. It's lightweight and fast dying as well. It's best used when braids are freshly done with black panther edge control gel and will keep it looking fresh for about 2-3 weeks....

  • Another one of our pioneered products. We invented the braid foam genre. The Black Panther braid control foam is the finishing touch to seal the braids and provide your client with that polished professional look. It is lightweight, fast drying and with a clean freshscent. Control those flyaways because we all know flyaways ain't cute. 
  • Swoop"d Styling Gel
    The magnificent Swoop"d Styling Gel by Black Panther Strong.. Control those flyaways, Swoop and slay those edges, braids locks and twists....

  • You want to look your best, then you have to use the best. The magnificent Swoop'd styling gel is amazing on sleek back ponytails, controlling the flyaway hairs on braids, locticians love it for setting locs, and for twists. Give your clients that clean part and polished professional look. 

  • Black Panther Strong Vegan Edge Control
    The first of its kind. Vegan edge control by Black Panther Strong DE. Slick and slay those edges and braids to perfection....

  • We are proud of whats not in our Super Vegan edge and braid control by Black Panther Strong. 1st of it's kind once again and the numer 1 selling edge, lock, twist and braid control product in the industry. The Best of the best stylists use our world class preparation to achieve that polished sleek clean part on braids and slays those distinctive edges to perfection. Control frizz, lay down flyaways. 
    Bouncy Curls is ultra hydrating cream giving your curls the energy and definition they need....

  • This product can be paired up with the whole purple collection, some products like hydrate me moisturizing mist, redeem sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and remi leave in conditioner. After showering, towel dry hair and massage into roots all through the hair. Perfect for daily styling, its natural proteins and grape seed oils keep hair moisturized as well as strengthen and protect your tresses from frizz. 
    <br />Hi-Definition Wrap & Set Mousse is ideal for customizing braids, locks, and twists....

  •  This high definition braid foaming mousse contains special blends of proteins and extracts to strengthen hair, repair breakage and add a brilliant, polished finish to your crown. Condition hair with control foam after completing braids, locks, twists etc. Best used on freshly braided hair to keep them looking fresh.
    Virgin Lacquer Edge Control is a finishing pomade with great hold, no flakes, non greasy and alcohol free....

  •  Perfect for controlling those edges and sleek finish. This firm-hold gel pomade is best used for creating distinctive curls and waves with no build-up. To use as edge control, a little product goes a long way, placing product on the tip of finger to sleek and smooth out those baby hairs to desired style. For whole hair use a small amount of pomade in hands and work through hair to mold into desired hair style. 
    Virgin Lacquer Brilliance provides light, non-greasy lasting shine with heat protection....

  •  Best result is when applied to damp or semi dry hair before heat styling to add that extra protection. On dry hair spray lightly to tame frizz. For a sleek finish, spray on lightly and brush through evenly. This original formula is enriched with shea butter, lemon grass, and argan oils for extra hydration.
    Coconut Oil is a natural moisturizer and sunscreen, protecting the skin from 20% of the sun’s most powerful rays....

  • Not only does coconut oil condition, add shine and strength to the hair, but it also functions as a makeup remover, lip balm, and cleanser. Coconut oil is frozen at room temperature, so make sure to warm the bottle before use. Take a small amount of oil in your palm and apply it to your hair or skin. Leave it for 30 minutes or overnight.


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