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MPR Brain Co., Ltd. plans, produces and supplies cosmetics of excellent quality worldwide. We are a professional cosmetics OEM / ODM /OBM company with excellent marketing experiences. We are partnered with Korea's finest production facilities to assist various market demands from personal skincare and makeup to professional products. 

MPR Brain Co., Ltd. also produce and market high-quality cosmetic products through our own cosmetic brand 'YERMA'. YERMA believes cosmetics not only provide a new look, but also give confidence and happiness; therefore, we create skincare and makeup to bring out your inner harmony.


  • Yerma Collagen Mask
    A sheet mask infused with natural ingredients of Red Ginseng /Vitamin /Q10 /Aloe /Hyaluronate /Pearl /Acai Berry/ Aloe /Snail that can detox and moisturize the skin<br />Vitamin E and Collagen provide nutrition and you’re your skin healthy and bright...

  • YERMA Collagen Mask Pack

    •It is a simple sheet-type essence mask providing your skin direct nutrition

    •Vitamin E and Collagen provide nutrition and make your skin healthy and bright

    •It provides soothing and elasticity to the skin

    – Red Ginseng

    •It contains Red Ginseng Extract which is very effective for skin revitalization, keeps your tired and troubled skin smooth and firm

    •Aids most skin types in removing dullness and puffiness

    •Red Ginseng Extract has clearing and moisturizing effect which results in soft skin

    – Pearl

    •It contains Pearl Powder brightens the skin, while provides moisture and softness

    •Stimulate skin cells and promotes cellular repair

    •Contain amino acids that protect the skin from environmental factors

    – Hyaluronate

    •It contains Hyaluronate Acid (HA) to provide collagen elastin to inner layers of your skin

    •HA softens the out layer of the skin

    •Reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

    •Increases skin moisture resulting in smooth complexion

    – Olive

    •A high quality mask sheet sticks and provides immediate nutrition to the face

    •It contains Olive Extract, rich in vitamin E which provides moisture, and helps to sooth irritated, sensitive skin.

    – Snail

    •A high quality mask sheet sticks and provides immediate nutrition to the face

    •It contains Snail Extract, which makes an improvement in skin elasticity and softens rough skin leaving in smooth and regenerated.

    – Acai Berry

    •It contains Acai Berry Extract which includes anthocyanin known for its anti-oxidative activity

    •It reduces active oxygen harmful to skin, maintains dry skin as fresh and elastic

    •Helps to reduce acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties

    – Aloe

    •It contains Aloe Extract which is good for irritated skin as it has soothing properties

    •It moisturizes dry skin and provides smooth complexion

    •Boosts healing of wounds and tightens the pores

    – Vitamin

    •It contains Vitamin C which keeps your skin clean and bright

    •It makes your tired from daily life skin always healthy and clean

    •It encourages new collagen to grow and make your skin firm

    – Q10

    •It contains Coenzyme Q10 to minimize fine lines and wrinkles

    •It provides elasticity and youthful looking skin

    •Supports the production of collagen and elastin

    •Helps to reduce sun damage and revitalize the skin

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