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{iossi} is a Polish brand of natural and organic cosmetics, known for their award-winning recipes and beautiful, natural fragrances. {iossi} formulas support everyday care of sensitive and demanding skin, often exposed to urban environmental pollution. They contain high concentrations of active ingredients that stimulate skin cell activity. {iossi} uses the synergy of the highest quality botanical extracts and essential oils which leave the skin radiant and content. The cosmetics are sustainably produced in the brand's own laboratory. Packed in glass they represent a message that {iossi} proudly sends to the world: living in harmony with nature is an adventure worth experiencing, also on your skin! As a company {iossi} is committed to maintaining a sustainable work ethic at every stage of production, storage and shipping of their goods. By making smart choices regarding their development, they manage resources in a way that will not adversely affect the lives of future generations.

Brands: {iossi} natural skin care

 Press Releases

  • {iossi} PRO is a line of plant-based functional cosmetics that restore the feeling of comfort to sensitive skin: two face creams, three serums, face mist and body lotion. The line is based on a synergy of biocompatible components, essential oils, prebiotics, vitamins in professional strength. The active ingredients have been selected to provide the skin with a broad spectrum of action: from moisturising, to anti-pollution, to brightening, to deep regeneration. The effectiveness of the {iossi} PRO line is confirmed by research and is distinguished by a high percentage of natural ingredients and its unique fragrances, which enrich the pleasures of daily care.

    The {iossi} PRO line has been designed so that each of the cosmetics stimulates the senses and brings pleasure daily. From the moment of reaching for the beautiful, user-friendly packaging, energising with cosmetics' natural fragrance, delighting with their light texture, ease of application and absorption.

    After creating a classic line, loved by clients, {iossi} decided to introduce cosmetics with lighter formulas. It is still the same company, though - that love natural fragrances, which can also be felt in the new line. Everything is light, effective and veeery pleasant.


  • A+E+C Vitamin Cocktail Eye Serum
    A serum in the form of a light oil, an intensive treatment for sensitive skin. Deeply moisturises, rejuvenates and prevents wrinkles from appearing. Thanks to the addition of retinol - the vitamin of youth - this serum has a visible anti-aging effect....

  • A+E+C Vitamin Cocktail Eye Serum. Retinol, Vitamin E, Vitamin C. Metal or glass rolller-ball aplicator. Net 0.34 fl. oz. / 10 ml 

    Discover {iossi}'s no. 1 bestselling product. An anti-wrinkle under-eye oil for night time use. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry or mature. It has moisturising, smoothing and regenerating properties. The formula is based on natural and organic components, including retinol – a very stable derivative of vitamin A – which is distinguished by its special moisturising effect by stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in fibroblasts. In addition, it stimulates the natural skin protection system, preventing wrinkles from appearing and lightly smoothing already existing ones. It's also known for its exfoliating properties. Vitamin E inhibits the skin ageing processes and increases its ability to bind water, protecting it from drying out. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that protects the skin against premature aging and stimulates collagen production. It helps to lighten discolourations. 

    The ingredients of the A+E+C VitaminCocktail are 99.63% natural and 18.4% sourced from certified organic farming. The ingredients are accepted by ECOCERT/COSMOS for use in natural and organic cosmetics. Our favourite ones: retinol, vitamins E and C, oils (camellia, lemon seed, rosehip, jojoba, wheat germ, chia seed), frankincense essential oil. 

    For whom: for all skin types, especially mature and dry skin. Vegan friendly.

    Usage: in the evening, gently massage the Cocktail into the skin under the eyes, around the mouth or on the neck. Can be used alone or over cream. 

    Effect: anti-wrinkle, promotes regeneration, moisturises, firms. 

    Consistency: light oil.

    Fragrance: 100% natual, very delicate. 

    Packaging: 10 ml, bottle of biophotonic glass which prevents the penetration of visible light. Topped with a glass or metal roller-ball.

    Client review: "It smoothes, moisturizes and nourishes delicate skin under my eyes. This is the product I have been looking for a long time and I recommend it to everyone! ***** 5 stars from me" ~ Justine

    About the brand: {iossi} is a brand created in by Joanna in 2014. It has grown from a single entrepreneur working out of her kitchen to a rapidly expanding company. It has quickly become a sensation within the beauty community. Some of its earliest releases are now considered cult classics among the enthusiasts of natural products. A small manufacturer has evolved into a company which now employs 20 people, most of them female scientists and specialists in their fields. Working in close proximity to nature inspires {iossi}'s work ethic everyday. In 2022 {iossi} cosmetics are loved and recommended by professional MUA's all over the world. 




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