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Company Overview:  M3 Cosmetic Labs (USA) and M3 Cosmetic Labs South Africa, manufacturers of NexSheen Arganics haircare products.

There is beauty in our roots. The HERstory of NexSheen Arganics® Hair Care is one rooted in rich family history dating back over 40 years. Founded by three Black women - two sisters and a daughter/niece, we fused our passion for hair care together to develop solutions we know our community desired and needed.

Our brand mission from inception in 2010 to now remains the same: to make quality hair care products accessible and affordable. "For the Hair of Your Life!" 

Our flagship product, NexSheen Arganics® is designed to support your lifestyle - keeping hair nourished, light weight, and protected through various elements and activity.

With branches in the United States and South Africa, we strive to be your hair care solution - for women and men. We developed products that we sought to purchase as a consumer - because we understand universally, we all have the same desire, to look and feel our best.

Brands: NexSheen Arganics® haircare products enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Argan Oil. Manufactured in the United States & South Africa.


  • NexSheen Arganics®
    NexSheen Arganics® is specially formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Argan Oil of Morocco to give you a light-weight, natural remedy to repair damaged hair while locking in moisture and improving your hair’s shine and luster....

  • About NexSheen Arganics®NexSheen Arganics® is designed and rooted in creativity to help solve tough hair issues for women and men. From natural to relaxed hair, we seek to be your hair solution. Our proven formulations come from decades of research and testing to ensure the products we offer you are not only what we would use, but what is the most nourishing for the overall health of your hair. We blended the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil to create our magic marriage of oils to provide you with the most premium solutions on the market. Our magic marriage oil fusion is ideal for repairing damaged hair, improving moisture, and restoring shine and luster.

    Products in the line (USA):  Visit our USA website here.

    Edge Smoothing Gel:  Similar to an edge control, but with more flexibility and versatility. This Edge Smoothing Gel gives your edges a silky-soft, relaxed look all while adding extra moisturizing and conditioning agents to the hair and scalp.

    • Alcohol-free formula.
    • Does not flake.
    • Conditions, shines & smoothes.
    • Non-greasy flexible hold.
    • No white residue or buildup.
    • Use on both natural & relaxed hair.
    • Safe for children.

    Available Sizes: 4oz, 8oz, 16oz.


    • Excellent for braids, dreadlocks & twists. Braider's new favorite gel!
    • Use this gel to assist with wave definition and sponge brush styling.
    • Smoothes fly away hairs.

    Hair & Scalp Gro Treament:  This oil penetrates deep into the scalp to distribute vitamins and oils, giving you shinier, healthier hair. · Helps to reduce protein loss.

    • Restores your hair to its natural state
    • Promotes hair growth & healthy scalp.
    • Light-weight, long lasting shine.
    • Seals in moisture.
    • Rich in Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Basil Oil, Argan Oil, & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Available Size: 6oz.


    • Use this oil to base the scalp, in the evenings, for maximum results.
    • Great for keeping the scalp nourished and moisturized while wearing wigs, braids and dreadlocks.

    Neutralizing & Clarifying Shampoo:  Dual functionality: Neutralizes relaxer chemicals and removes dirt and grime, hard spritz, gels, and other styling products from the hair.

    • Prevents excessive damage due to over processing.
    • Restores your hair to its natural pH.
    • Removes any foreign, damaging deposits on the hair and scalp.

    Available Size: 8oz.


    • Great for washing braids and locks.
    • Removes build-up without loosening the plait.
    • Excellent for athletes and persons that sweat a lot in their scalp.

    Infinite Repair Conditioning Treatment:  Formulated with care to give you increased moisture, high shine, and stronger, healthier hair. · Doesn’t leave a build-up on your hair or scalp.

    • Works to hydrate your hair and smooth the cuticle.
    • Helps to restore your damaged hair back to a healthy state.
    • Reduces shedding and breakage.
    • Improves your hair’s overall elasticity.

    Available Size: 16oz.


    • Use as an everyday conditioner, as a deep conditioning treatment or as a leave in.
    • Great on beards as well.
    • Excellent on wigs, weaves & extensions. Mix with water to rejuvenate curly wigs and weaves.
    • Great for children! Makes their hair like butter!

    Infinite Moisturizing Shampoo:  Enhanced with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Argan Oil to give you optimal results by cleansing while simultaneously detangling and conditioning the hair.

    • Sulfate Free.
    • Enhanced with a chelant to remove any buil-up left on your hair and scalp.
    • Detangles & Conditions.
    • Healthy, silky shine and feel.

    Available Size: 12oz.


    • Use on wigs, weaves & extensions to cleanse, replenish, and revive.
    • Excellent beard shampoo.

    Polishing Hair Serum Gives you a silky, light-weight finish with the perfect amount of shine.

    • Helps to seal moisture into your hair shaft.
    • Prevents breakage and humidity reversion.
    • Helps to lend increased elasticity.
    • Daily use, on wet and/or dry hair.
    • Helps to repair split ends while also offering heat and color protection.

    Available Size: 6oz.


    • Great for Silk Presses.
    • Use on wigs, weaves & extensions to extend their wear without weighing them down.
    • Use as a beard oil, getting the added benefits of Argan Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Our product offering in South Africa is more extensive than the USA.  Why?  The need for quality haircare products at an affordable price!  Vist our South Africa website here

    Additional Products offered in South Africa:

    • *Edge Smoothing Gel - 250g, 450g
    • *Neutralizing & Clarifying Shampoo - 250ml, 1L
    • *Infinite Repair Conditioning Treatment - 475ml
    • *Hair & Scalp Gro Treatment - 175ml
    • *Infinite Moisturizing Shampoo - 250ml, 1L
    • *Polishing Hair Serum - 150ml
    • Conditioning Relaxer - Regular & Super Strength - 125g, 250g, 5L
    • Foam Designing & Wrap Lotion - 200ml
    • Designing & Holding Spritz - 350ml
    • Multi-Purpose Natural Hair Spray - 250ml
    • Styling Gel - 250g
    • IWIGI ne WEAVE Blending Gel - 250g
    • Oil Moisturizer Treatment - 250ml
    • Oil Sheen Conditioning Hair Spray - 85ml, 275ml
    • Braid Sheen Spray - 275ml
    • IWIGI ne WEAVE Revitalizer Spray - 275ml
    • Holding Spray - 275ml
    • No-Lye Relaxer Kit - 1 Application, Salon Pack (10 Application)


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