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OHAVE effectively restores the natural power of the skin. We propose high-performance vegan beauty Just as important as focusing on essentials, we do not miss out on the essence of skin care. OHAVE empties and fills firmly. We carry out in-depth research on the balance of vegan beauty, And ingredients derived from plant materials are used. Through skin care products that have been meticulously verified for safety and efficacy We provide a healthy and sustainable beauty culture.

- From Nature

By using natural, healthy plant ingredients The beneficial energy of nature is deeply absorbed into the skin. We create products that can be delivered effectively.

- 100% Vegan

All OHAVE products are in compliance with PETA pledges and certifications. Made with high quality 100% vegan ingredients. We do not test on animals and thoroughly exclude animal-derived ingredients.

- Clean Beauty

Harmful ingredients such as synthetic fragrances and synthetic preservatives are thoroughly removed. All ingredients are EWG Green standard. We develop effective products with safe ingredients.

- 3R Program

- Respect for Bioethics

- Eco-friendly Activities for the planet

Brands: OHAVE, Cosmeceutical standard vegan cosmetic

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  • OHAVE Concentrated Botanic Biome Serum
    A 100% vegan essential line that strengthens the natural strength of moist and clear skin and maintains skin balance with botanic biome ingredients....

  • Improves the skin environment and boosts self-reliance. Microbiome, a compound word of microorganisms and ecosystems

    Microbiome, a compound word of microorganisms and ecosystems, refers to microorganisms and their genetic information that live in all environments, including plants, sea, and soil, as well as human body and skin. The skin microbiome, which Bill Gates pointed out as one of the three things that will change the world in the healthcare field, is applied to cosmetics.

    OHAVE's botanic biome (plant-derived microbiome) = organic fermented extract + Lactobacillus fermented lysate

    Organic Machihyun Fermented Extract

    Steamed purslane, which has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times, is dried and fermented. · Alpha-linolenic acid, a representative omega-3 fatty acid, is about 15 times higher than that of lettuce, so it has an excellent effect of excreting toxins from the body.

    Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate

    Lactobacillus represents beneficial bacteria on the skin and is the dominant breeder of the skin ecosystem, which plays an essential role in maintaining a weakly acidic environment that protects the skin from harmful bacteria.

    Tart Cherry Extract, which is rich in anthocyanin, an antioxidant, and excellent for anti-aging, is a representative plant-derived ingredient that slows skin aging by preventing the decomposition of substances that maintain skin elasticity and allowing it to grow naturally. It not only has an antioxidant effect but also helps to strengthen the immune system to strengthen the skin barrier, and especially because it is rich in melatonin, it maintains a lively and elastic skin condition as if you had a good night's sleep every day.

    Effects of Tart Cherry Extract

    Melatonin, an antioxidant that regulates circadian rhythms and induces sleep Antioxidant ingredients such as quercetin, anthocyanin, and polyphenol prevent cell damage and inhibit waste products to prevent skin aging The whitening effect of vitamin C component and the skin immunity strengthening effect of beta-carotene make the skin elastic Quickly soothes the skin with excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects of anthocyanins.

    Liposomized Melatonin that helps the secretion of antioxidants to remove free radicals Free radicals are the main culprits of skin aging, a And our body makes antioxidants to eliminate them, and it is melatonin that helps the production of these antioxidant enzymes. In particular, melatonin prevents the decomposition of substances that maintain skin elasticity, such as high-quality hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen, allowing it to grow and slows skin aging. OHAVE's liposomalized melatonin uses liposomes, a microcarrier encapsulated in phospholipids, to more than double the amount of melatonin active ingredients absorbed into the skin.

    100% plant-derived highly concentrated extract used instead of purified water In general, purified water, which accounts for most of the cosmetic ingredients, was replaced with a functional extract to further enhance the soothing/moisturizing effect.

    Strong moisture barrier 7-fold complex hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid, which has excellent water retention ability, combines with up to 1,000 times its own weight in moisture and is responsible for moisturizing the dermis of the skin. OHAVE's 7-fold hyaluronic acid is designed to be absorbed better into the skin by overlapping low, medium, and high molecular weights.

    Contains international patented ingredients excellent for moisturizing and soothing Aquaxyl™, an international patented ingredient with an excellent moisturizing effect, is a natural moisturizing agent derived from birch that combines naturally-derived glucose and xylitol, and is effective in enhancing moisture retention and preventing moisture loss.

    pH 5.0~6.0, no worries even for sensitive skin Our skin is neutral or alkaline if it continues for a long time, the skin's protective film may be damaged. It is easy to be exposed to dryness and various skin diseases. Unlike general cosmetics that use acidity regulators such as chemicals, OHAVE uses 100% vegan ingredients to adjust the pH level to a pH of 5.0~6.0, which is the closest to healthy skin.

    Natural Antioxidant Astaxanthin Astaxanthin is a red pigment present in crustaceans such as shrimp and crayfish and fish such as salmon. As a powerful antioxidant, it is used to protect the living body of sea creatures from UV rays and wounds. Astaxanthin is known to be the most powerful antioxidant on the planet, with antioxidant power 6,000 times that of vitamin C. 

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