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Wooshin Labottach is a total pharma company established in 1992 in Korea.   We have established Wooshin Hungary KFT in Budapest, Hungary and Wooshhi Lapache in Grosulje, Slovenian to strength marketing and boost sales.

Our starting business was trading finished products and APIs, but now moving to promote our own products  mainly Hydrogel Patch lines and ODF (Oral Disintegration Film).  Hydrogel Patch is more elastic and less allergic than woven fabric giving maximum 8 hours effect.  We also provide Hydrogel Patch effective care for acne.  ODF applying for pharma, food supply and pet food is also the main product line.  It is easy to dose without water and easy to carry. 

We are exporting more than 60 countries under the close relationship with partners and strong R&D. We are also doing license-in and out business for pharma industry, and distributing pharma raw materials for customers in Korea.

Brands: Cosmetic Hydrogel Patch and ODF (Oral Disintegration Film).

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