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BEAUTYNETKOREA is with more than 120 K-beauty brands & 150 countries & 300,000 customers & companies worldwide

We share the best business service with our global network, E-commerce operation experience to companies and customers. 

Global Platform Chain

- Support building global B2C&B2B Platform

Brand Consignment sale

- All in one service regarding BEAUTYNETKOREA platform

Consignment entry, operating global E-commerce market, management of inventory, delivery and marketing.

Brand sourcing & Supply

- Sourcing and supplying branded products that meet the needs of consumers from worldwide such as K-beauty, K-food, K-fashion and k-pop

Brands: EYENLIP- provides high-quality products - does not vaguely follow the trend, and we add our own value to provide customers with a special experience and satisfaction


    Whitens and smoothes wrinkles; Ingredients with the EWG GREEN brand;<br />Obtaining the French EVE VEGAN certificate;...

  • - 8 types of hyaluronic acid; Deep sea water content helps to improve moisturizing capacity;
    - Contains NP Ceramide and Vegetable Squalane for even more hydration;
    - According to skin type, adjust the ratio of cream and ampoule when applying

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