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Conceived and founded in 1997 with the clear vision of making any woman's dream come true: to have a high-performance makeup product without sacrificing your budget. Born with a mini makeup line composed just of lip makeup, time by time, thanks to the professionalism in the sector and the success, in support of the mission of the company, the range has become increasingly wide, arriving today to present an assortment of approximately 500 products and shades distributed between facial products, lip products, eye products, hand products and accessories. Today Best Color is an Italian makeup company with consolidated experience, which for more than 20 years has exclusively designed, manufactured and commercialized the latest generation makeup products, of the highest quality, safe and with a fair price, suitable to comply with the needs of women of all ages. 

In addition, the brand has obtained over the years approvals for its commercialization also in the markets:

- CE-EUROPE for the European market and legislation

- US FDA For the US market and legislation

- JAPAN approved for the Japanese market and legislation

to guarantee the quality and reliability of its products.


 Press Releases

  • From a small display of lipsticks, lip pencils and lip glosses to a complete line of high quality and performance 100% Made in Italy. Best Color Make Up is a noteworthy excellence in the Make-up sector at an international level.

    Salvatore Izzo is the one who founded this brand in 1997, after having gained 15 years of experience in the sale of beauty products, with a very clear purpose: to focus exclusively on the creation of Make-up products. This has allowed Best Color Make Up to quickly become an extremely specialized company in the creation of cutting-edge Make Up products, which are dermatologically, ophthalmologically and clinically tested and approved by US, JAPAN and CE legislation and strictly Cruelty-free. Serena Izzo, who has worked with her father Salvatore since she was eighteen, wanted to talk to us about the latest trends and a very special project, which will perhaps be the only one on the market.

    Makeup is a core routine for most women. What are the latest make-up trends on an aesthetic and artistic level? Unlike previous years where a covering and heavy face base was required, with a large use of face powder and foundation, now the focus is very much on a natural effect. As a result, the lips acquire more prominence, while neutral, nude colors are preferred for the eyes, not dark and impactful eye shadows. It is a fresher, more youthful make-up, which gives the face a luminous and glowy look.

    Your mission is to create innovative products alongside these, scientific studies and research. Do you have any news planned? We are working on a particular cosmetic item that wants to recreate the effect of microblading, that is the tattoo technique to correct any eyebrow defects. This product will have a pigment inside that will be deposited on the lower layer of the epidermis, managing to remain on the eyebrow for up to three days. It is a valid alternative for women who do not want to undergo microblading, a rather expensive and invasive permanent operation, and we will have to be able to launch it by the end of 2022, in addition to already having the Devil Lashes mascara in the range, which is a unique, great product performance, with a false eyelash effect .. also the marshmallow foundation which with a tear of product gives you a transparent matte effect, invisible even under lights and spotlights .. even our invicible matte liquid lipstick, long lasting and proof mask, it resists even after eating without drying the lips .. This year we will also try to improve communication and advertising, which unfortunately in the past has always been our shortcoming, to reach new consumers who have not yet had the opportunity to experience the high quality of our products, at a minimum price. In fact, our products have an average price of around € 10.



    Extra volume and extra length that last all day… does it sound too good to be true?<br />That's true , with our devil lashes mascara it's possible!<br /><br />...

  • Extra volume and extra length that last all day… does it sound too good to be true?
    That's true , with our devil lashes mascara it's possible!
    For this formula we have selected many specific ingredients, such as carnuba wax, which will allow you to achieve the volume and length you have always wanted.

    You will not need touch-ups during the day, as we have inserted polymers inside that will contribute to the excellent lasting of the mascara.

    The brush has a curved profile that makes the application ergonomic, following the natural curve of the lashes; the thin shape and the slightly pointed tip allow you to capture your lashes from the base and '' build '' your make-up.

    In addition, the short fibers of the brush ensure that the lashes come into contact with the bulk deposited in the inner part of the applicator. This is in order to release a greater amount of product on the lashes.
    -Without added parabens
    -Ophthalmologically tested
    -Approved by EEC / FDA / JPN legislation

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