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NCbit Inc. is a bio-specialized company with 20 years of know-how in skin cell research. BEUTEXCEL, It’s a skincare brand from NCbit which is led by innovation and prides itself on honesty and integrity. Dedicated to providing effective formulations and solutions to everyday skin issues, each product is results-focused and includes only the necessary and most effective ingredients to treat and improve the appearance of your skin. We use natural hypoallergenic ingredients by combining biotechnology and dermatology research.

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  • Beutexcel Revive Pepti Serum
    3 Steps 30 Days Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Skin Care...

  • Beutexcel offers an intensive premium home care program that takes care of your skin step by step for 4 weeks. Botulinum-derivative peptides (BTXL) removes wrinkles, creating smooth and firm skin through 3 steps that have strong anti-aging effects of Peeling, Filling, and Pulling.


    BTXL Anti-wrinkle

    Botulinum Toxin is an ingredient that has wrinkle improvement and lifting effects, which is well known as "Botox".

    "BTXL" is a recombinant protein source derived from "Botulinum Toxin", which has been tested on the human to demonstrate its safety and effectiveness. It is a patented technology that only NCbit Inc. has. 


    Experience the comfort 

    The biggest advantage of BTXL product is that you can apply it as a daily base at home without the pain of injection no hassle of going to the clinic, or can even be used in parallel while undergoing dermatological treatment. 


    Exclusive PTD cell permeation

    Our product maximizes its efficacy by delivering its ingredient to specific target cells using PTD. 

    PTD(Protein Transduction Domain) is our patented platform technology for improved transcutaneous delivery of BTXL. 

    Botulinum toxin light chain alone can not penetrate nerve cells even it penetrated in to the skin, so it can not be effective. 

    The core techno,ogy of PTD shich realizes infiltration into the skin and nerve cells has been applied, and botulinum-derived ingredient that we have dreamed of has been born. 



    BTXL was registered on the International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary in October 2019. 

    It's trade name is "BTXL" and the assigned INCI name is "Phosphate Buffered Saline sr-(Methionyl Oligopeptide-91 Glutaminyl Clostridium Botulinum Polypeptide-1 Hexapeptide-40)".


    Primary Skin Irritation Test

    The OATC Skin Clinical Trial Center has conducted the primary skin irritation test for Beutexcel Revive Pepti Serum & Cream commissioned by NCbit Inc. 

    It is evaluated with 34men and women aged 20 to 60 years who participated in this study. 

    Dermatologist determine that Beutexcel Revive Pepti Serum & Cream lie within a low irritation clinical range. 


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