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Bless Me Cosmetics® brand was created by Aneta Kolendo-Borowska movie and theatre make-up artist. It was established under the influence of years of observing  skin problems faced by actors and clients from passion and the need to find a cosmetic formula that soothes tired skin, moisturises and brightens it simultaneously providing an excellent base for makeup. 

This is how Saint Oil Skin&MakeUp was created - illuminating serum based on natural and organic ingredients. It seduces with its texture and fragrance, is modern and effective, works immediately after use and lasts for a long time.

Our brand's portfolio consists of complete Bless Face natural skincare cosmetics line. Additionally we offer You our own self-massage accessories - Lifting Roller PRO and Bless Bian gua sha.

All of our cosmetics has undergone rigorous testing the results of which make us very proud!

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  • Holy Water Two Phase Revitilizing Essence
    sea buckthorn + licorice + mandarin<br /><br />Holy Water Two Phase Revitilizing Essence<br />...

  • sea buckthorn + licorice + mandarin

    Holy Water from Bless Me Cosmetics® is a cosmetic with an extremely light consistency, which in a subtle, almost imperceptible way rejuvenates, firms and nourishes the skin.
    Ingredients proven in cosmetics, incl. oils of amaranth, sea buckthorn, wild rose seeds, black currant and plum, accompanied by lavender hydrolate make the skin regain its healthy color, smoothness and glow. Licorice root extract protects against excessive water loss.
    The unique advantage of Holy Water Essence is the way it is used. A few drops into the skin before using the cream or serum will enhance their effects. The essence is also perfect as a stand-alone cosmetic, making the skin more elastic and moisturized. It does not leave an oily layer, which is especially important in the case of oily or combination skin.

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