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The adventure began in 1999, when pharmacist cosmetologist Khalid Bitar founded IRCOS laboratories. After more than 15 years developing high-end beauty products for major international cosmetic brands and with his expertise and his attachment to his roots, he decided to create his own skincare line. The hidden treasures of the plants that Morocco covers inspires him.

He therefore decides to combine the famous argan oil, concentrated in vitamin E, and the still unknown extract of argan leaf although naturally very rich in flavonoids. These two plant active ingredients, acting in perfect synergy, increase the antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties tenfold.

Born from this discovery, BOTANIKA MARRAKECH transcends the ancestral beauty rituals that Moroccan women pass on from generation to generation. It is from natural raw materials, resulting from Moroccan organic farming that BOTANIKA offers women and men quality, healthy and environmentally friendly formulas at affordable prices.

Brands: Derived from the rarest tree in the world and known for its exceptional virtues, argan oil is a true elixir of youth, concentrated in vitamin E.


  • Dry oil
    Highly concentrated in precious oils, the dry oil "Rose du Désert" of BOTANIKA MARRAKECH with argan, prickly pear<br /><br /><br />...

  • Highly concentrated in precious oils, the dry oil "Rose du Désert" of BOTANIKA MARRAKECH with argan, prickly pear (cactus oil) and sweet almond oils, rich in vitamin E, infuses you with

    connected to your skin, its sweet fragrance transports you to the times of 1001 nights.

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