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Momi Eyelash Co., Ltd. is best quality eyelash manufacturer in Vietnam and supplying almost 60-65 countries around the world .

We manufacturing mink lash, silk lash, flat lash, ellipse lash, YY lash, Y lash, W lash, premade fan D lash, color lash, strip lash and flare lash etc.,We also have many types of materials of hairs to produce eyelash with different sizes and types, and can provide OEM service for all customers also .

We is striving to keep a continuous grip over the quality and service standards and have been taking every possible measures in this regards.And related technical service thru product development, innovation and acquisition of technology to providing our valued customers the high quality products.



  • Momi Eyelash Extensions
    Momi eyelashes are made under extremely strict quality control, fiber is flexible, light weight and soft fiber. Also available in various types of glue, primer, cleanser, remover, lash sealant and essence to meet different clients’ demands....

  • Momi eyelashes are 100% handmade, with finest Korean fiber, strict quality control has different types of eyelashes, the quality is soft and natural.

    Momi glue are made in Korea using high quality ingredients, fast drying and long lasting.

    Lash cleansers can easily clean the dust, oil and makeup before eyelashes extensions treatment, after cleaning the lashes, using primer can increase the bonding strength of glue.

    Boost up glue can speed up the treatment process and make lashes adhere faster.

    Momi removers available in gel and cream form, can remove eyelashes easily, the ingredient is mild won’t damage your lashes, available in unscented and scented types.

    Lash sealant can form a protective layer on the eyelash extension to prevent oil and sweat after applying, meanwhile extend the retention of eyelash extensions. If using Lash Essence after, it will give nutrition to the natural lashes make them healthier, longer and stronger.

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