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Cavex Holland BV established in 1908 is one of the largest producers of teeth whitening products in Europe. Cosmetic treatment and oral care becomes more and more important. Cavex meets this need with innovative whitening and oral care products. Our branded product portfolio White Royale Premium Whitening and Oral Care can be sold OTC in retail, beauty and wellness centers. Looking for your own brand? Cavex also has great opportunities for private label production.

Brands: White Royale Teeth Whitening and Oral Care products powered by Cavex Holland bv

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  • Making people shine with confidence requires thorough knowledge of Whitening and Oral Care ingredients and production techniques. Cavex Holland has been a dominant player in the dental market since 1908. By constantly developing science-based new products we have always focused on supplying any dental demand of both professionals and consumers. Obviously, in compliance with the high standards in quality and reliability. We take great pride in knowing our products are being used by many thousands of people all over the world, every day. The White Royale Premium Perfection+ kit is the crown jewel within the White Royale assortment. It contains 3 whitening pens with 9% Hydrogen Peroxide Superiour gel and a Smart LED Mouthpiece.


  • White Royale Teeth Whitening and Oral Care
    White Royale Premium Teeth Whitening and Oral Care products powered by Cavex Holland BV.<br />...

  • Teeth whitening treatments have become increasingly popular over the last years. All across the world people are looking for the best way to whiten teeth and make their smile bright and radiant again. 

    Cavex Holland bv proudly presents the White Royale Premium Teeth Whitening and Oral Care Collection. The Collection consists of various options for user friendly at-home whitening treatments. 

    The White Royale bleaching gels are extremely quick, safe and effective whitening gels. Results are reached after bleaching for just eight days for 15 to 30 minutes a day. White Royale whitening gels are stable at room temperature.
    Cavex Holland is not only the expert in producing excellent teeth whitening products it offers great products for taking care of the oral health.
    For cleaning the teeth or as part of a whitening treatment White Royale extreme cleaning paste is a premium quality tooth paste which is mildly abrasive and has an extremely fresh taste. For a “touch-up” Whitening Royale offers a unique Whitening tooth paste containing hydrogen peroxide. 

    Let us introduce our company and brainstorm about product development come and meet us at booth 30064. We look forward to meet you. Cavex Holland BV


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