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CDA USA is a company that designs and manufactures packaging solutions such as filling, capping and labeling machines. 
We also offer all-in-one machines such as monoblocks and complete lines composed of several of our units.
We are a subsidiary of CDA France which was established in 1991. We produce about 1000 machines per year and have customers all over the world.
Our machines can be used in a large majority of sectors such as: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, natural products, detergents, automotive products, e-liquids, essential oils, still and sparkling wines, beer and beverages... etc.
The strong points of our machines: reliability, ease of use, durability and an excellent quality/price ratio.
Buying a CDA machine, you are guaranteed to have a technician install it, to have the assistance of our hotline and to obtain the spare parts necessary for the maintenance or the evolution of your machine.

Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your packaging needs.

Brands: CDA USA was established in 2012. We design and manufacture packaging solutions for a wide range of industries. Filling, capping and labeling machines, monoblocks and complete packaging lines.

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