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TaeYang Renew Inc. has been manufacturing the most innovative and advanced cosmetic brushes and packages and distributing them to the world through continuous research and development since its establishment in 1985.

We established manufacturing factory in China in 1999 and started working with world’s most famous brands in earnest. With the Retractable Lip Brush as a main item, it continued to expand its market.

In the meanwhile, we established our Korean branch to expand our business in 2016 and produces and distributes Pen-type nail polish containers and Shoulder button-type Airless cosmetic containers all of which are produced by applying and reflecting fully patent-registered technologies.

We will continue to take the most innovative approaches with our own technologies for our customers in the world.


  • Nail Polish Pen
    Nail Polish Pen is a nail polish product which can be used like a pen! If users push the button, the brush automatically pops up with certain amount of liquid formula....

  • Features

    a.  This nail pen allows to minimize exposure of liquid formula to air so that the nail polish will last as smooth as new until the last drop.

    b.  Because this nail pen is All-in-one, the possibility of spilling nail polish formula is nothing so users can use it very comfortably wherever they want to use it.

    c.  Users can easily adjust the amount of formula according to their preference by pushing the button repeatedly.

    d.  The applicability of this bottle is indeed various because various tips are available.

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