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The Company CORADIN S.A.S is an innovating and dynamic company that is specialized in the development and production of innovative solutions for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical devices and diagnostics industries.

The standard product range offered by CORADIN consists of Dispensing Systems, Reconstitution Systems, Caps and Closures, Spatulas, Cups and accessories.

CORADIN develops and produces specific and exclusive technical parts, including solutions of bi-injection, thermal sealing of foils, blistering...

Equipped with high-performance industrial and human resources and a clean environment (ISO5, ISO8), CORADIN meets the ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 15378 standards.

For many years, CORADIN has been recognized for its innovative packagings allowing to reconstitute formulas : powder/liquid, freeze-dried/liquid, liquid/liquid.

This strategy of offering its partners efficient solutions meeting the growing needs in MIXOLOGY is consolidating and the company regularly invests in new development programs and production tools to ensure its customers performance and quality in ever more demanding industries.

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