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The Danish Company Cortex Technology is established in 1986 and a leading developer and manufacturer of skin analysis instruments and liquid nitrogen based cryosurgical equipment.  

Our products are sold worldwide and well known from the high quality of the product. 

In the field of Skinanlyzing we constantly improve our welknown DermaLab Series with new designs and new applications, enabling us to market our products not only for the dermatology, cosmetics and pharmaceutical research worldwide, but also as a point of sales tool.

We are specialized in unique measurement techniques developed for skin applications in four product families:
DermaScan®: High-resolution ultrasound scanners
DermaLab®:  Collagen, TEWL, Elasticity, Sebum, Melanin, Erythema, Moisture, PH, Temperature, Subcutaneous reading for fat measurement
DSM ColorMeter: Skincolor, Erythema and Melanin.
CryoPro®: cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen.

Are you interested in High End products in Danish Design and Quality - feel free to visit our booth to learn more and to get demo of our various products. 

Brands: Skinanalyzing equipment - featuring the Cortex Family : DermaLab, DermaScan, DSM and Cryo Pro Skinlab SW for the industry and research DermaAdvsier for Point of sales

 Show Specials

  • CryoPro for Liquid nitrogen treatment  -


    During COSMOPROF the golden standard of Cryo treatment devices is sold at special show price directly from the Manufacturer - Cortex Technology, Denmark.

    The CryoPro is available in 2 seizes  -  Mini (0,35l) or Maxi (0,5l)

    Delivered with 5 open spray, cleaning adapter and holder for the tip

    Check our homepage for more info:

    Visit our booth for further info and purchase:   31075


  • DermaLab Combo - multi parameter Skin Analyser
    Your way to stand out from the competition by guiding your clients with OBJECTIVE and QUALIFIED skin assessment before you decide how to treat.<br />A skin analyser with up to 9 different measurement – a.o. measure you skin age with Ultrasound.<br /><br />...

  • Cosmetic consulting

    Attract new customers & increase sales with DermaAdviser

    The use of objective skin testing devices has proven to attract new customers and increase sales to existing clients. The DermaAdviser is the most advanced skin testing device for point-of-sales activities such as the aesthetic clinic or the cosmetic shop. The DermaAdvicer offers an easy step-by-step analysis of the skin and provides a complete client skin report with detailed recommendations of skin care products and/or treatments.
    The DermaAdviser is completely modular and may be customized according to your business needs. Choose which modules to include in the skin analysis and which products or treatments to match with the clients´ skin profile. Further, you can upload your own logo, background images and more

    Read more    -   Visit our booth: 31075

    Advanced skin analysis customized to your needs

    In the DermaLab Combo we have concentrated all our knowledge in one flexible concept with the goal to be able to offer all parameters in one instrument.

    The result is an instrument, which for the first time offers high frequency ultrasound for instant skin assessment in combination with more traditional skin parameters such as elasticity, hydration, sebum, TEWL etc.

    Simple customization

    Customise your DermaLab Combo for the desired application by adding probes as needed.

    Ideal for insightful analysis

    The DermaLab Combo is well suited for scientific skin analysis and ideal for product testing as well as research work.

    Intuitive device

    Operation of the instrument is highly intuitive, fully touch-screen controlled and the gathered data may easily be exported for further processing.

    Read more:      - Visit our booth  31075

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