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COSMEDI s.r.l., located in Milan, manufactures its brands for hair care and skin care and sells them all over the world. The key of our success is quality: the whole production chain is based in Italy. The second key factor is the attention we pay to the needs of our clients, that are different in each country.
Our hair care brand is TEOTEMA, a complete range of technical products, suitable both for home use and for the salon: hair dye, bleach, perm, styling, lines for the colored hair, for
sensitive scalp, for curly hair and many more. 
Our skin care brand is OSAINE, based on the particular seaweeds of the archipelago of Brehat in France. These seaweeds are able to adapt to any atmospheric condition, and thanks to Osaine their incredible qualities pass to the human skin. Osaine consists of 5 lines (mature,
dry, oily, combined skin and specific issues). Osaine also includes the SeaStem
line, made of seaweeds stem cells to deeply and quickly rejuvenate the skin.

Brands: Our brands are totally made in italy for professional use for hair and skin care. For hair care the brand is TEOTEMA and for skin care the brand is OSAINE

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