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Our never-ending spirit of challenging ourselves to create beautiful products and excitement for our clients.

Our strengths are in our flexibility to meet your needs and the strong ability to propose new and innovative products. As one of the largest and highly rated OEM manufacturers in Japan, we can accommodate a wide variety of your manufacturing needs from cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. We actively adapt to the newest technology to be on top of the latest trends and develop your ideas into a product. We have an experienced and innovative R&D and sales teams to make your dreams a reality. Each one of our formulators has a biannual mission to create brand new concepts, totalling over 4,000 prototypes a year. With our own ever-expanding portfolio of unique formulations, we will create products that inspire confidence and intrigue. 

Consult with us and allow us to use our full range of services to create a product for you. We will present options for formulations, packaging and design to ensure satisfaction. 

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