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DEGASA is not a new kid on the block!  DEGASA “of gauze” began in 1959, supplying gauze to the medical field.  For over fifty-five years, DEGASA continues to produce premium gauze products. Through the years, DEGASA has evolved to produce not only gauze but a wide-range of the highest quality cotton products and supplies for the medical field and many private label retail programs.  Due to high demand from the beauty industry DEGASA launched; DEGASA BEAUTY, to manufacture premium cotton, gauze, and single-use disposable products for spa and salon use.  DEGASA BEAUTY uses only the highest quality materials to produce their products; thereby helping spas and salons provide their clientele with the best service and experience possible. DEGASA BEAUTY'S goal is to offer the beauty community an alternative option for their cotton, gauze and single-use disposable needs. 

Brands: Degasa Beauty and Private Label spa and salon premium cotton, gauze and single-use products.

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