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For 20 years running, DHC has been one of Japan's top direct health and beauty brands and today is one of the largest Japanese-born beauty brands in the world. DHC is committed to creating gentle, effective products that reflect the harmonious balance between breakthrough innovation and traditional botanicals while honoring time-tested skincare rituals from Japan. The full skincare line - which addresses everything from acne to anti-aging concerns - includes skin-gentle products derived from antioxidant-rich virgin olive oil, which has been proven to help achieve and maintain radiant, youthful-looking skin. Embracing the philosophy of wabi-sabi, a traditional Japanese concept where beauty is found in imperfection, DHC believes true beauty begins with confidence and that your vision of beauty is entirely your own. 


  • Deep Cleansing Oil
    DHC’s bestselling, cult-classic Deep Cleansing Oil is the original Japanese first step oil cleanser that melts away makeup and dissolves impurities, leaving your skin clean, soft and radiant....

  • Deep Cleansing Oil 100% organic olive-oil based formulation works on the scientific premise that “like attracts like.” Applied with dry hands on your dry face, this rich, naturally golden-hued olive oil-based cleanser binds with dirt and effortlessly breaks down sunscreen, sebum and stubborn makeup, like waterproof mascara and eyeliner, without clogging your pores. The water-soluble formula rinses away with zero oily residue. Its silky feel and delicate, natural rosemary aroma make washing your face feel like a luxurious spa experience.

    This botanical formulation features antioxidant-rich organic olive oil and vitamin E to hydrate, soften and protect against free radical damage, and rosemary leaf oil to invigorate and refresh. Also works great as a makeup brush cleaner. Ideal for all skin types.

    • Hydrates and softens skin with Flor de Aceite (flower of the virgin oil), the essence of organic olive oil captured from its first crush before the olives are pressed
    • Binds with sebum and impurities, and breaks down even stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner
    • Cleanses and softens skin without any oily residue
    • Provides antioxidant protection against free radicals
    • Fragrance-free & colorant-free


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